When And How To Immigrate To Canada As A Pregnant Woman?

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Have you ever wondered if being pregnant will hinder your immigration to Canada?. Well let’s discuss how to immigrate to Canada while pregnant. Although studies have shown that moving to or visiting a new country while pregnant can be very stressful and may attract health implications for both the mother and the baby. It is still very much possible to immigrate to Canada while you are pregnant by reading this article and you will find answers to every one of your questions on how to immigrate to Canada as a pregnant woman.

Immigrating to Canada requires certain processes and some of these processes may have certain implications or demand more from you as an expectant mother. By getting to know these processes and their implications, you will be able to plan your movement to Canada better before your visa application is accepted. You will be required to undergo some medical examinations which will include x-rays.

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X-rays can be quite difficult to carry out on expectant mothers especially those who are heavily pregnant. Therefore, some of your medical tests will have to be postponed until after your delivery and when you are deemed fit for them. Being a pregnant woman does not exempt you from going for the immigration medical examination expected of immigrants. You may only not be able to complete the process until you have delivered your baby.

Calendar immigration options for pregnant women a pregnant woman can choose to immigrate to Canada based on any of these reasons;
1. As a resident
2. A student with a study visa
3. As a visitor who wants to give birth

All of the mentioned options follow the unique processes whether you are pregnant or not. However, your pregnancy may delay your visa application process especially if you are already heavy. Before you apply, if you wish to visit Canada just to give birth or make your child a citizen. Then you need to start your visa application process as early as possible in the first trimester so all tests and screenings will be carried out. Your application will be accepted and your visa ready towards the mid or last stage of pregnancy.

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How to apply for visa while pregnant

If while pregnant you are seeking a canadian visa just to give birth in the country, the application process is not so different from that of a visitor visa. You will be given a visa known as Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) and will need to follow these steps;

1. Confirm for eligibility for the pregnant woman Canadian visa
2. Provide all necessary documents required and submit your application
3. Respond to additional requests from the IRCC while awaiting your response
4. Send your passport for stamping
5. Pay all necessary fees. For your application to be completed, do not try to conceal your pregnancy while applying for a visa or you may be discovered by the canadian embassy and disqualified. In your declaration letter, you can state your reason for traveling to Canada and then also indicate that you are pregnant.

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In canada, pregnancy is not classified as a medical condition. So except you truly do have a medical condition you can reply to any question asked regarding that with a ”no” in any of the forms you are required to fill.

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