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What exactly happened to former Liverpool target Nabil Fekir




What exactly happened to former Liverpool target Nabil Fekir

Why exactly did Liverpool not sign top target Nabil Fekir in the summer of 2018? What was the reason behind Liverpool abandoning their number one transfer target two years ago?

So many truths, half-truths, and non-truths have been told about the failed £60m transfer of Nabil Fekir from Lyon to Liverpool in 2018.

For so many people, the talk of his bad knee is the generally accepted reason behind Fekir’s failed transfer, especially after all the media hype and extremely long and painful negotiations.

However, in today’s Footy Area expository documentary, we will now see the real behind-the-scenes details which was kept away from the public concerning the failed Nabil Fekir transfer two years ago.

According to Fekir, the issue of his previously injured knee was not a problem in the deal. The player was quoted as saying, “My knee was perfectly fine. I had already conducted several medical check-ups with the France National team before, during, and after the World Cup. I was cleared fit to play. Therefore every talk of my knee is very unfair and a lie”

What exactly happened to former Liverpool target Nabil Fekir

However, the Liverpool hierarchy were set to conclude the deal despite the bad knee Fekir had prior to winning the World Cup with France, with a club spokesman confirming a £57m deal has been completed, and Fekir would be unveiled after the conclusion of the World Cup.

However, the deal was never completed, and the rest as we know, is history. Nabil Fekir then went on to join Real Betis the next summer for a meagre £18m (€22m) fee.

After firing his former agent following the collapse of his move to Liverpool, Fekir’s former agent, Jean-Pierre Bernes, has come out to tell us the true story in a recent interview.

Bernes said: “Nabil was Liverpool’s top target in 2018. I worked closely with the Liverpool representatives for close to four months. I was very close to the Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas and Jurgen Klopp, and everything was in order.

“Nabil was already happy with the agreed future contract fee, which would have seen him earn more than £45m over the next five years.

“And all of a sudden, on the day we were to sign and round up the contract, at Rambouillet, we saw a foreign lawyer accompanied by Nabil Fekir’s brother-in-law arrive at the scene, and started to make their own demands. They said: ‘Stop everything right now, let these discussions start all over again, you must pay this, this, and that.’

“At first I began to pinch myself, thinking I was in a prank show or a weird Disney movie. The entire Liverpool representatives and my self were totally ashamed and disgusted.

“When the Liverpool guys witnessed this embarrassing behaviour, they were so ashamed, especially with his brother-in-law acting like an agent and demanding large sums of money. Everyone left the area disgusted.

“While his brother-in-law was embarrassing me in front of the Liverpool directors, Nabil had flown to England for a medical at the Anfield sports facility.

“After completing the medical, he came back to France expecting to see a new contract from Liverpool, and to possibly start hunting for a house in England.

“After he learned of all that happened the previous day, he didn’t even greet or shake the Liverpool representatives. He had such an ego that was unacceptable to the Liverpool bosses.

“When he stepped in after the medical, everyone was looking at each other, and I was totally humiliated by his brother-in-law, I was so ashamed.”

“After that incident, it was clear I could no longer work for such a player whose ego and family do not respect even his superiors. Even Jurgen Klopp stated during the meeting that, ‘He could not entertain a player who’s ego is bigger than his entire career’ after Fekir’s disrespectful conduct after the medicals”

The truth of the story is now out. The former Liverpool top target Nabil Fekir did not join Liverpool because of his disrespectful brother-in-law who let greed get the better of him, not minding if it would cost Fekir a life of happiness and fulfilment.

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