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Tottenham enter talks With Barca for Philippe Coutinho




Tottenham enter talks With Barca for Philippe Coutinho
Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho could be ready to surprise us all this summer. We are all glad that football is back, and back with it is the joy and rave over a player’s next moves and transfer, especially when it comes to one of the top footballers.

Neymar Jr was once the centre of all the news, hype, and attraction. However, it is Coutinho who is now recently at the heart of every transfer move and gossip.

The Brazilian international’s transfer to Barca in January of 2018 was meant to fire him into the hype that surrounds the very best of the game. However, a series of poor form, injuries, and terrible decisions which includes his joining Bayern on loan has seen his value and claim at the top fall drastically ever since.

Apparently, Philippe Coutinho faces an uncertain summer. Seemingly, due to injury, he has apparently played his last game for Bayern Munich. Despite the remaining four rounds left.

With Barca who are ready to cut their losses on Coutinho. A player they once paid over €140m to acquire. However, this would also not make the Catalan club to sell on the cheap. This is to chase off casual interests, and sell to serious buyers.

As we know, there have never been any lack of suitors for the Brazilian playmaker. According to sources, 90min has confirmed that his former club Liverpool are not interested in signing him again. But seemingly every other big club in the Premier League are keen to snatch him up.

Tottenham Hotspur are no exception to those rumors. With reports suggesting that they may be willing to add their best defender to the deal to reduce the fees.

Catalan outlet SPORT are saying that Spurs are one of the many Premier League teams vying for his signature, and they are prepared to include Ndombélé and/or Alderweireld in order to lower the price.

It is doubtful that the London club are keen to part ways with any player in the summer. Moreover, it is not also visible that Barca will be willing to do a deal like that, since their man priority this summer is to raise enough cash to land Lautaro Martinez. So, they may need the full pay in cash. Barcelona may not be so keen to do a player for player swap.

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