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Top 10 Criminal Justice Degree Jobs

Top 10 Criminal Justice Degree Jobs

Criminal justice is a comprehensive degree and one with many opportunities as there are too many people involved in one crime or another. Criminology is a broad field with opportunities for everyone. It might not be the best source for six-figure jobs, but there are some.

What is Criminal Justice and Correction?

Students in this program have focused education in the humanities and social sciences, as well as specific training in criminal justice and correctional services. and crime prevention. Students have the opportunity to choose one of the subject areas in this program in which they believe they can move well. As of 2021, the following areas of criminal justice are the most in-demand and highest-paying,

  • Information Security,
  • Criminology,
  • Psychology,
  • Lawyer,
  • Social Work,
  • Rehabilitation,
  • Private Detective

Best jobs are listed below


salary is around $163,000

This job is an example of the highest paying job in criminal justice, they work as attorneys and sometimes as prosecutors. At one point, he gives his candidate the opportunity to earn a certificate in criminal justice. They are on almost every level of justice.

FBI Agent

This job, the salary is $114,000.

This job requires law enforcement experience, a criminal justice degree, the ability to pass the rigorous background check and physical exam gives you an opportunity to progress through the FBI Academy, sometimes you will need to take a psychological evaluation to be accepted will.


These people make up to $104,000.

This job requires one to have the skills of a lawyer and have passed a public nomination. They make court decisions, including sentences, and help with bail, issue warrants, and collect evidence in court.

Court Private Investigator

This person earns $93,000.

This job is far from the image portrayed by the media, they spend most of their lives working with law enforcement agencies. This assumes that the individual has knowledge of application techniques for examining evidence, reviewing records, questioning suspects, and prosecuting criminals. Some private investigators are police officers.

Forensic Psychologist

This job his salary is $84,000.

These individuals are specialists whose job it is to use their knowledge and information to determine who a suspect is, some of whom specialize in advising witnesses, victims and prisoners.

Intelligence Analyst

The salary for this job is $84,000.

They are statistical, collecting and analyzing data to determine where potential security risks exist and what techniques are most effective at solving them. This person works for the FBI and provides crime-fighting information to the FBI.

Financial Controller

The pay for this job is $79,000.

This person is specially trained to detect financial crime and fraud and investigate suspected money laundering organizations. embezzlement or white-collar crime. These people use accounting skills to spot them.


This profession pays nearly $74,000

while the forensic psychologist works to profile criminals, the criminologist profiles types of crimes and helps solve them. This professional is involved in detecting and preventing crime. They also detect possible criminal areas, they are the reasons why CCTV cameras are installed in strange places.

Security Manager

This job pays up to $69,000

These people help guide and protect sensitive individuals, they lead a security force for a private organization. Some of them end up working for companies that work as security agencies, some of these agents protect celebrities. Customs officers These people are the ones whose job it is to prevent illegal immigration, drug trafficking, human trafficking and the importation of weapons. These people prevent criminals from entering the country on a daily basis, enforcing immigration laws is a difficult task.

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