The Benefits Of Becoming A Canadian Citizen

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Before you become a Canadian citizen, you need to be a PR card first. They are called PR cards in Canada but in the United States, they are called green cards.There are many options for you to become a permanent resident in canada e.g. Your husband or your wife sponsos you or you come to Canada as an international student, spend a certain number of years to study there, finish and get a work permit and that’s the
time you can apply for your PR card

They have certain requirements for you to be a permanent resident. You have complete at least five years stay in Canada before you become a canadian citizen so that’s the requirements and how it works.

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The benefits include

1. Free Health Care

Let’s say you live in Alberta, you have access to free health care. Not all provinces in Canada have a free health care. So if you live in some other province, you might pay some amount of money per month, it depends on the province.

2. Free Tuition

Once you have small children they have access to free tuition fees. You don’t have to pay anything from kindergarten to grade 12.

3. You are free to go to find any kind of job

You want you don’t have to worry about the work permit or you you can just go study anything you want to study. You don’t have to worry about study permit

4. You can just settle anywhere in the province

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5. You are able to vote. As a Canadian you have the rights to vote during the election day.

6. You have the rights to work in a federal government organization

In Canada, to work in some government organizations, you need to be a canadian citizen. They have some certain type of jobs that you have to be required to be a canadian citizen. For example if you want to get into the armed forces or military. Also if you want to get into politics, if you want to be a mayor or counselor, you’d have to be a Canadian citizen.

7. You can easily travel around the world

Once you get your passport, you can travel around the world easily. You don’t have to worry about applying for a visa. You can go travel to the United States, New zealand, Australia, Europe, some part of asia. You can just easily get into their country as there’s no worry because the Canadian passport is one of the most powerful passport in the world meaning they respect this passport everywhere in the world.

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8. Citizens do not have to worry about renewing their immigration status

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