Study in Canada for free- Bursaries and scholarships application

Scholarships are a relatively cheap way for international students to finance their education in Canada and these are non-repayable financial support or awards and they are granted to students with outstanding academic performance which means you have to be really good in order to be awarded most of these kinds of scholarships. Some scholarships are usually awarded automatically for people that have outstanding performances while people have to put in their applications. Scholarships available for international students who are planning on studying in Canada are quite limited, highly competitive and they are mostly available just for the post graduate study, but there are still scholarships available for the undergraduate level as well. Here are some tips and resources that will help you seamlessly explore this possibility.

After deciding what you want to study, assuming this is a post-graduate program, you need to get in contact with the financial aid office of that school. First you have to search for scholarships because just casually searching for scholarships is like looking for a needle in a haystack. By selecting what you want to study, you are narrowing it down drastically. You should also research additional opportunities, as sometimes the school might not offer scholarships at all but you could find the Canadian government scholarships, the provincial government scholarships, non profit organizations and even private associations offer scholarships for some programs.


1. Marriage scholarships

Just like the name marriage scholarship, it is merited, and you have to have an outstanding academic performance in your previous education. If you’re coming from secondary school you have to have high grades. If you’re coming from undergrad going for your master’s degree, you have to have excellent and exceptional grades. In order to obtain those kinds of scholarships, you have to apply to the schools first. When you apply to the school they review your grades and decide if they’re going to award or grant the applicant part or full funding. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it is very rare to come by scholarships that are fully funded.

2. Entrance scholarship

This type of scholarship is very common in the undergraduate level. First of all you have to apply to the school and after applying, it’s your duty to send the school a message telling them you have conducted some research and you saw that they offer entrance scholarships and you would like to apply for it, they will however tell you how to go ahead with your application.

3. Bursaries

When you’re researching about a particular program, check the financial aid section on the school’s website and search for any kind of funding that may apply to your situation. it’s your duty to do this particular research and check if they offer any financial aid or bursaries and yes it doesn’t hurt to apply for it. You can also write to the school that you require financial aid and they might show you how to go ahead with it. Not just that, you can also write to an international body in the school asking them to provide you with resources to apply for bursaries.

Note that you have to be a student of that school in order to apply for bursaries as you cannot just apply for bursaries from your home country. You have to be a student in the school first.

4. Research scholarships

This is usually publicly funded by the Canadian government and most times it is usually found in the PhD or master’s level. Since it is research based, you are coming for your masters program and your program is thesis based, you can also send an email to the financial aid office of that school asking for funding opportunities in that field and you will be provided the options of funding opportunities available.

5. Private scholarships

These are usually awarded by private associations in the school, more specifically in department you are looking to study in. For example, say the unique foundation awards $5000 to some specific students who applied for these scholarships and from experience, scholarship like that require you to have some sort of volunteer experience or work experience that will enable you become eligible or even be granted such scholarships. It again is your duty to ask the department about the scholarship opportunities available.

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