Step By Step Instructions To Prepare For Your Canadian Citizenship Test And Interview

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Step 1: You must be a permanent resident guys. It’s so easy to apply Canadian citizenship. However, the permanent residency is the hardest part of the application.

Step 2: You must have stayed in Canada for 1095 days. The Canadian citizenship website has a presence online calculator where you have to put all the details when you spent your days in Canada step.

Step 3: You must understand English or French. It’s a compulsory requirement to be fluent in either English or French as these are the official languages of Canada.

Step 4: You must have filed your taxes in the past three years.

Step 5: You must pay your fees online. You can pay as individual and you can pay as a family or as a whole if you’re applying for the whole family.

Documents Needed For Application of Canadian Citizenship

Just a heads up, you don’t have to submit the original copies. You just need to photocopy the documents required and it would be beneficial if you will print it in color.

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1. Canadian citizenship form

You have to fill it out and make sure that you filled it correctly. You can do it online you can so print it out yourself so you can easily see whatever mistakes you make.

2. CO PR

Which is the confirmation of permanent resident. If you landed as an immigrant, this is the paper that you get from the immigration officer. They stamp it and it looks like a photocopy because they have the original copy.

3. Photocopy of your permanent resident card

You have to photocopy both sides of your permanent resident card.

4. Language document

This is the photocopy to prove that you can or speak English or French. They include your IELTS results. If you haven’t been to school in Canada, then your transcript of records is enough for you to include in your documents and that should be enough for them to justify that you can speak in English.

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5. Photocopy of your passport

Make sure that your passport is not expired and it is a recent passport. And then the next would be a photocopy of a government-issued ID with your photos in it. So passport would be number one, your driver’s license would be the second one.

6. Identification card

As long as it has your face on it, that would be good. You must also send two photos and they have the specification of the photo that they need. Actually, it is kind of like a passport size photo.

7. online physical calculator

The online physical calculator is one where you have to put in the dates when you came in and when you left Canada. You have to print that out and include that in the documents that are needed and as well as the copy of the receipt showing the amount that you paid.

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On the application form, you have to put in the name on your passport and then on the B section, you have to put in the name that you want to be put in in your Canadian citizenship certificate. You have to include your marriage certificate to prove that you are married and you can change your name legally.

One of the questions you need to answer on the application form is your work history. Sometimes it is hard when you work two to three jobs at a time. Just don’t hesitate to call them and ask them about your employment record history. Most of them are really helpful.

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