Shaanxi Normal University Scholarship in Cultural Relics Protection Materials

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Shaanxi traditional University in China is providing the SNNU International MSE Programme in Cultural Relics Protection Materials for the 2023/2024 school year.

The properties of this major embody the topic intersection of art and science, and also the interpenetration of science and engineering, and also the combination of recent technology and humanities data, which is able to develop students’ ability to mast the essential data of arithmetic, physics and chemistry, and also the knowledge of history, cultural relics and archeology, similarly as mast the applying of materials in cultural relics conservation, the fabric analysis of cultural relics and also the sensible skills in cultural relics conservation and restoration. so as to supply students with career preparation concerning conservation and research of cultural relics.


  • The scholarship is totally funded
  • Registration fee discharge
  • Tuition discharge
  • Stipend: RMB 1500yuan per month
  • The regular payment is provided for ten months per annum
  • Medical insurance
  • Designated nondepository financial institution shall undertake the subsequent insurance liabilities throughout the amount of insurance, Death insurance, accidental social insurance, Medical Insurance for accident, patient and Emergency Medical Insurance, Hospitalization and Medical Insurance.

Eligibility & selection criteria

  • The mortal should be a national of a rustic aside from the People’s Republic of China, and be in physiological condition
  • The mortal should have a bachelor’s degree and be beneath the age of thirty five
  • The program typically doesn’t support registered students UN agency are finding out in China once applying for this scholarship.

Application Deadline: March 31, 2023.

Application Details

  • Complete the net application procedure at Shaanxi traditional University on-line Application System for International Students.
  • Submit the finished form on-line and print a tough copy.
  • Conduct prelim of materials, interviews and comprehensive assessment.
  • After the ultimate auditing, the admission name list are declared on-line throughout July-August 2020.


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