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Scholarships Without Exam

Scholarships Without Exam

Every high school graduate has that dream of landing a scholarship for college. However, a major challenge is the issue of getting one without having to sit for qualifying exams such as TOEFL/IELTS. This might sound as a pipe dream to many, however, a myriad of universities in various countries of the world offer this once in a lifetime opportunity of scholarship without exams. We have handpicked the best ten and they are:

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This might come as a shock but in fact, the first country on our list is the United states of America. While many universities in the states make an IELTS/TOEFL examination a prerequisite for scholarship applicants, several others have a policy of exemption. Some colleges in the united states that offer such opportunities include:


Even though the official language of this American country is English, the University of Belize still grants scholarship requests without demanding for results of international examinations provided the individual has a juicy past academic record.


Anyone who has lived in Canada and attended school for at least four years can secure a scholarship without examination, provided that the student’s academic performance during those four plus years are above average. Some institutions that grant this opportunity are: 


The University of Oslo in Norway also gives a waiver for examinations. This favor is country-specific though, as it is only open to South African nationals. Every other country’s citizens could be subjected to examinations. This is probably due to some form of agreement between the two countries or a memorandum of understanding between them.


Freie Universität Berlin could give scholarships to students who have a bachelor degree in English language or who have English language as their mother tongue, without them having to write any examinations. However, this is not applicable to every course as some may still require the individual to sit an examination. It is proper that prospective students make enquiries before venturing into the process.


Just like its European counterpart, Norway, universities in the Netherlands open their arms wide to South African students who seek scholarship without having to sit for examinations.


Because countries like Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa are members of the commonwealth, their citizens often do not have to sit for any special examination before applying for scholarships. There are exceptions sometimes though, when the individual’s chosen program has special requirements. Some colleges offering such platforms are: 


International students may land Indian scholarships without any examination. The process is a simple one. Present a higher education certificate. Consequently, the scholarship shall be awarded based on the student’s performance as stated in the certificate.


Some universities in Malaysia including the university of Malaysia do not require qualifying exams by prospective students provided they are from English speaking countries.


If a student has successfully completed at least 4 years of education in an English speaking country, then the doors of Australia are open to the student to snatch a scholarship without examination. Some universities that award such include: 

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With these, students who have their eyes on scholarships can see that there are genuine ways to get these scholarships without examinations. The terms and conditions however, vary from country to country. Hence, it is important that the student takes time out to juxtapose options and eventually reach a suitable condition.