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Scholarships To Study In UK

Scholarships To Study In UK

The UK has one of the best institution in the world but the tuition fee of each of the universities in the UK can is very outrageous that it scares many potential applicants from applying, which is what inspired us to write this article on how to get a scholarship to study in UK, thou the application processes for each scholarship is very competitive as many of the scholarship opportunity consider your previous academic certificate before granting you the scholarship.

So in order to get scholarship to study in any of the universities in the UK you need to prove to them you are a bright through your previous certificates. 

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  • The Chevening Scholarships


The Chevening scholarships are offered by the UK government to students with high academic performance who at the same time, demonstrate high leadership potential. Beneficiaries of the scholarships are solely selected by British Embassies all over the world, making the process a fair one. The opportunity gives beneficiaries a firsthand UK experience.  Over 1,500 individuals benefit from the Chevening Scholarships every year from all over the world. With the number of slots available, the number of applications are also great.

  • Euraxess UK 


The Euraxess UK scholarship scheme is offered by the British Council and is aimed at aiding researchers in their career development at the same time, acting as a support mechanism for researchers who want to relocate to the UK. In all, it provides a good platform for all those who intend to leave their current countries of residence.

  • The Commonwealth Scholarships


The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission awards scholarships to those who want to pursue a Master’s or PhD and develop professionally in the UK. The scholarships are offered each year to students of Commonwealth countries. Candidates are selected based on their previous academic history and their intention of making an impact in the country they come from. Each scholarship provides airfare to and from the United Kingdom as well as tuition and research grants. It is indeed, a well-rounded package.

  • The Royal Society Grants 


This independent scientific academy of the UK and the Commonwealth has a drive to reward excellence in science. Hence, it offers a great number of scholarships to talented and focused students. The Royal Society has many of the world’s greatest scientists under its membership. It is also the oldest scientific academy known to man.

  • UK – China Research Partnership for PhD Studies 


These are special grants to sponsor PhD students and their supervisors from the UK and China during a duration of study at prestigious higher education institutions in China or in the UK. The UK – China Research Partnership for PhD Studies has the sole aim of promoting a greater research and innovation collaboration between the two countries resulting in long-term partnerships in very many other fields.

  • Scholarships from British universities

The best universities in the UK also provide great funding for international students, based on their previous achievements. Some of the scholarship packages offered are readily available in top universities including The University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, King’s College London, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and the University College London. Considering the caliber of school on this list, you can’t ignore!

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  • The Global Study Awards 

The global study awards encourage young people to study abroad so as to experience and explore new countries, traditions and languages. In its very unique way, this program offers a huge amount of cover for students. However, the number of beneficiaries are quite limited. It is also the most digital based scheme on this list.

 Having gone through the list of the seven scholarship offer available to students wish to study in the UK, it may interest you to know that majority of the students studying in the UK are either on half scholarship or full scholarship. Universities in the UK can provide you with the best education you need. Don’t forget to follow the links provided for you to speed up your scholarship application process and get more information about each scholarship offer.