Requirements to Work In Canada Under Canada Experience Class

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Immigration Canada or IRCC is looking to get as many immigrants to Canada as possible over the next year. Because of border closures they are having difficulty meeting those targets. As of recently we’ve seen invitations to apply under the Canadian experience class for applicants with scores as low as 75.

So what this is doing is allowing Immigration Canada to assess the applicants that it has within the country so that it can meet its goals that it. If you’re not familiar with the Canadian experience class, it’s a federal class of immigration. It’s administered through the express entry program and so it’s still a points-based program

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The canadian experience class itself is actually just a pass or fail program. In order to qualify you need to have one year of canadian work experience or its equivalency and part-time work experience. It can only be counted if it was done with a valid work permit. We expect there are going to be a lot of people who had some unique work experience situations that are going to have some difficulty deciding if they actually meet the one year of requirements.

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If you had a study permit at the time if you’re studying full-time, you don’t meet the requirements for the Canadian experience class. In addition to that, you need to have the required language level depending proficiency level. You need to have a certain Canadian language benchmark level. It’s clb7 for knock 0 or A jobs or clb5 for knock B jobs. It allows those in skilled trades to have a lower language level.

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In addition to this, it’s processed fairly quickly. The Canadian experience class is all done online & you need your language evaluations in order to create a profile. Everyone who has a valid language requirements to create a
profile and get their application in because Immigration Canada is inviting those with lower scores.

Lastly, as far as how to apply, you need to first create a profile online for express entry. Once you’re in the pool, you’ll be given a certain number of points based on the various criteria; Age, education, work experience and language levels. Then you have to wait to be invited by Immigration Canada to apply for permanent residency. Once you have that invitation to apply, you have 90 days to submit all of your documentation.

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It’s really important that you have all of the correct documentation uploaded as you need to have your lease certificates up front. every country in which you’ve lived in for the last 10 years, six months or more in a row. You also need to have those police certificates included as well as the other requested documentation.

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