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Qualities Of A Successful Student

Qualities Of A Successful Student

  Achieving success as a student doesn’t come by chance or mere wish, if it were, every student will be a success. Instead, it requires certain qualities, qualities that should with time, become habits. 

  I believe any student, irrespective of school or status can become successful and that’s where this topic comes in. This article; “Qualities of a successful student”, promises to unveil certain qualities that makes a student successful. 

What are the Qualities of a Successful Student? 

  For a student to be successful, here are some of the qualities needed:

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  • Goal-Driven

  When something is driven by a force, such thing tends to move in the direction of such force, simply because that force is its driver.  In the same vein, when a student is driven by a goal, of course, success is certain. 

  Being goal-driven means channeling all your attention into achieving a task. If you wish to ace all your assessments, that’s nice, all you’ve got to do is visualise the task, set your mind, and give it your best! This is what the successful students do. 

  So if you’re a student aspiring for success in school, then be goal-driven. It goes a long way. It defines what you want to achieve.

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  • Organisation

  Organization is another key factor to being a successful student. It instills the habit of prioritizing and setting things in order. 

  To be organised is simply to be orderly and being orderly will no doubt, bring success. If you really want to be organised, then begin with baby steps; start with arranging your school books, setting an active sturdy table, having your school materials intact, setting an active wake-up alarm, etc. Keep doing all these and with time, you’ll develop this quality. 

  • Self Confidence

  The power of self confidence in a student cannot be overestimated. A self confident student thinks he can reach any academic heights, he thinks positively even when the situation seem challenging. This is a quality of a successful student. 

  For every student to be heads up, he needs to develop a great deal of confidence in his own ability.

  After setting a goal for yourself, like giving the best presentation in class, take a deep breath with the mind that says; ‘I can do this!’.

 Having this quality alone automatically gives way for other qualities. 

  • Discipline

  Here’s another quality of a successful student, it’s as important as every other qualities. Show me a successful student without discipline and I’ll show you a tree without root. You get the point? 

  Discipline, according to the Cambridge dictionary, is the ‘ability to control yourself or other people, even in difficult situations’. Without mincing words, before you can control someone else, you have to control yourself first. 

  Controlling yourself takes time and a lot of practice. Your no must be no, irrespective of the circumstance. Imagine that you are trying to sturdy for that tough subject but then your phone beeped, it’s your friend, “hey, come meet me at the pack and let’s have some fun”. This is where discipline comes in, the part you politely say no. 

  • Asking Questions

  Asking questions is an efficient tool for gaining knowledge. And the more you know, the higher your chances of succeeding as a student. A student must learn to as questions, it goes a long way. 

  At first, when you ask a question in class, especially a class with quite a number of students, you may look rather silly and uneasy. You may be laughed at and all that, but trust me, you’ve gotten an edge over those that didn’t ask. That is the power of asking questions. 

  Apart from widening your knowledge, asking questions can also reduce the stress of cumbersome reading for an exam as you already know a larger percentage. This will in turn, improve your performance and help you in succeeding as well. 

  • Hard Work

  If one includes hard work in his dealing, success is not far away. Hard work is indeed a potent quality any student must have in order to succeed. 

  Working hard or simply hard work means taking one’s work with all seriousness and passion. This definition has said it all. 

  It is often said that to achieve your dream, you have to ‘visualize that dream’ and ‘go for it’. That ‘go for it’ is the hard work. The part where you go extra mile, beyond what is taught in class, the part where go late to bed, just to know more, the part where you read and read. You can’t keep doing this and remain a failure. Never. 

  • Good Moral Behavior

  To walk on the path of success, you must always put your behaviors in check. It is also a quality of a successful student. Your behavior and reactions towards people and situations around you matters a lot. 

   Be nice to your classmates, respect your teachers and seniors as well. Be in peace with everyone. When you’re wronged, learn to forgive, when you wrong your fellow student, learn to say sorry. Dress decently to class, avoid making noise, do things moderately and politely.

 These little things added together means a lot if truly you want to succeed as a student.

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  • Attentiveness

  Keeping an attentive mind while teaching is going on is another quality to develop. It aids faster learning. 

  Here are tips to help remain attentive in class;

-Don’t sit beside a talkative. 

-Always try to sit at the front row. 

-Keep an eye contact with the teacher. 

-Learn to always jot important points from the teaching. 

-Ask relevant questions when necessary. 

  • Good listening skill

  A successful student must be a good listener. You must learn to listen to others opinions and ideas. This quality is needed not just as a student in school but also in the world at large. 

  This quality is especially needed when it comes to team work. If you are appointed as the leader of your project group, the best thing to do in order to record success is to pull heads together, hear their ideas and solve the problem. Don’t just think you know it all. 

  Wrapping up

  I’ll be concluding this article with the words of Marva Collins;

“Success doesn’t come to you, you’ve got to go to it.”