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Pros And Cons Of Distance Learning

Pros And Cons Of Distance Learning

  Owing to the rapid pace of  technological advancement, almost every activity has gone digital, and education is not left out. In fact, the educational aspect constitutes a considerable percentage.

 Thanks to the internet. It has indeed made the world a global village, and this has been proven by various online or rather, distant learning platforms such as zoom amongst many others. 

What Is Distance Learning? 

 Distance learning or education is a method of learning whereby students need not to be taught in a building. The entirety of teaching and learning is internet based. 

  For one reason or the other, some prefer this distance learning rather than going to school, while others prefer physical teaching. But whichever way, both has its pros and cons (Advantages and disadvantages). And that’s where this topic comes in; “Pros And Cons Of Distance Learning”. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Distance Learning?

 Let’s start with the good side;


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  • Convenience Of Learning

  One of the factors that aids better and faster learning is the convenience of a student whilst learning.

  Students who are often not comfortable with the style of physical learning tends to perform below their full capacity. And speaking of convenience, distance learning gives a great deal of convenience. 

  In distance learning, stress is greatly reduced unlike the traditional school where you might have to walk your way to school, strive to sit at the front role, hurry to class to avoid being late, etc. 

 All you have to do is sit back, get your computer device with an internet connection and you’re good to go. 

  • Creates Opportunity Of Expression

  Consider those that are of low self esteem and those suffering from Enochlophobia (fear of crowd). Attending the traditional school would be a problem for them as they wouldn’t be able to express themselves because of the large number of eyes that would be staring. 

  But in distance learning, there is nothing like that. Since everything is internet based, and no eyes staring, people like that can perform optimally and express themselves. 

  • Flexibility Of Learning

  This is another major benefit enjoyed in distance learning. Owning to the fact that lecture time are fixed at certain periods, one can take the advantage of the time when there’s no lecture.

  A student can simply take a job and keep learning simultaneously. This benefit can best be appreciated by those who are working.

  This, in contrast to the physical school is almost not possible because students might have to be in school till evening, leaving no time to do extra work. 

  If you’re a type that wishes to work while schooling, then the distance learning would be a nice choice. 

  • Broadens Online-Application Knowledge

  Distance learning gives individuals the opportunity not only to earn a degree but also know how to handle and teach the usage of various other online learning apps. 

  After series and years of using a distance learning application, you can be sure to have knowledge about other online learning platforms, this has indirectly broaden your knowledge of how these apps work. 

  • Low Cost Of Learning

  Here’s another pro of distance learning. Compared to the traditional school where large sum of money might be paid as tuition fee, distance learning often times requires low amount of money.

   Apart from the tuition fee, distance learning saves money that could have been spent on housing, transport and feeding of the students, thereby easing the burden of the guardians. 

  The saved money can be diverted into something else, probably a business which can in turn, improve the standard of living of students at large. 


  Of course, there is nothing having a positive side without a negative side. As good as the distance learning seems, it has its own disadvantages too. Some of them are;

  • Distraction

  Because there is no physical interaction between the teacher and the students, distance learners are often prone to distraction, majorly from their computer devices. 

  When lecture is ongoing via their various learning platforms, students might be tempted to reply a text message, comment on a friend’s post and all that. All this little distractions often lead to an outright flunk. 

  Any student wishing to venture into a distance learning must develop a great deal of self discipline. 

  • Erratic Network

  The fact that distance learning is internet bound, deductively, it also requires an optimum network performance, which often times, is a problem. 

  Whenever there is a poor network connection, it really affects the quality of the online lectures. If the lecture is a video-based type, images will suffer series of glitches, and audio will keep breaking, making learning frustrating. 

  Well, in a civilised country like China, this is not usually a major problem but poses serious problems in uncivilised ones. 

  • Online Class App/ Site Malfunction

  In the course of learning, the online app being used might suffer crashes or malfunctions and when it does, learning becomes hampered. 

  Any online institution must ensure that when creating a site or an app for Distance learning, maximum and modern security measures must be installed in the app or site. This is to protect the privacy of students and the school’s. 

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  • Degree Credibility Issues

  After the hurdles of getting a degree in a distance learning program,  getting a job might not be that easy. 

  Every employer wants someone who is vast in his area of study and can apply what he acquired over the years of study. And because a distance learning is devoid of authentic practicals, employers may not want to hire them. 

  Nevertheless, the issue has been addressed and so, as long as the distance learning institution is officially recognized, a student is good to go. 

  • Health issues

  Another disadvantage of a distance learning that is online based is the health hazard it has on some individuals. 

  Since most learning activities are done on the a computer device, the constant rays emitted from the screen may affect the eyes, therefore, Individuals with fore eye issues are not advised to go for a distance learning. Better still, such person should get a protective lens. 

Wrapping up:

  Should we say then that distance learning is good or bad? Well, the answer is based on your opinion. Examine the pros and cons and choose the one that best suits you.