Tottenham Hotspur manager
José Mourinho

Tottenham Hotspur manager José Mourinho has warned north London rivals Arsenal that they should clean up their own mess before they start making ugly jokes at Tottenham.

Thursday’s 3-1 loss to Sheffield United had some Tottenham Hotspur fans calling for their manager José Mourinho to be sacked as they appear unlikely to even qualify for the Europa League next season, with their Champions League hopes long gone.

Arsenal enjoyed Spurs’ loss so much that they posted the highlights of their own victory over Sheffield on Facebook captioned ‘It is never easy to beating Sheffield United at Bramall Lane’, despite knowing fully well that Mourinho would obviously take it badly.

Well, the Tottenham Hotspur manager certainly has.

‘If they were on top of the league table or fighting for a top four spot and in a really good position, they would not enjoy the problems of other teams,’ Mourinho said (via Footy Area).

‘You only enjoy the problems of other teams when you are also in a similar trouble. They do not have anything to celebrate, so they have to take any opportunity to make fun of other struggling teams. They are in a very familiar situation with us in the table.

‘I do not like to blame the club for such posts or tweets because probably the person who did it, did it all by himself. I don’t believe it was Arteta who posted it. Probably it was some guy who has been working from home for the past three months. Since they feel that way, no problem, at home we will be waiting for Arsenal!’

The Tottenham Hotspur manager was also asked whether finishing below Arsenal in the table would worry him, but the manager insisted that while Arsenal dream of ruling north London, he dreams of ruling England.

‘To be honest, being kings of north London means nothing to me,’ said Mourinho. ‘You must be bigger than all that, and have more ambition than that.’

Spurs currently occupy tenth position in the league, four points behind Arsenal in seventh place. But they have the chance to close that gap to just one point when they face Everton on Monday night.

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