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Nigeria omitted by EA Sports in this year’s FIFA 21 edition




Nigeria omitted by EA Sports in this year's FIFA 21 edition | Footy Area

Nigeria has been omitted once again by the best selling football game on the planet in this year’s FIFA 21 edition by EA Sports.

The Super Eagles have again missed out on appearing in the latest edition of the popular EA Sports franchise.

FIFA 21 was released last week, and while gamers will be able to play with all of the world’s biggest clubs, they won’t be able to take control of Nigeria’s Super Eagles.

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The West African giants are one of the many African nations who have been snubbed by this year’s FIFA 21 game.

Although FIFA offers fans the prospect of playing with a wide range of international teams, Africa only receives little to no representation.

Nigeria omitted by EA Sports in this year's FIFA 21 edition | Footy Area

FIFA has been rebuked by some fans in recent years for the poor level of affection showed towards the African continent.

Only four teams in the whole of Africa was included in this year’s FIFA 21, with Egypt, Ivory Coast, South Africa and Cameroon the only countries available.

It’s great news for the fans of these nations, but hundreds of millions of supporters of Africa’s national teams are set to be left disappointed.

It’s just a shame that none of the six top-ranked African teams in the Fifa World Rankings have been included in the video game.

The top six are Senegal (20th), Tunisia (26th), Nigeria (29th), Algeria (35th), Morocco (43rd) and Ghana (46th).

The top rated African team on FIFA 21 is Egypt, and they are ranked at number 51 in the world.

Some have speculated that Nigeria aren’t present on the game because EA Sports weren’t given a licence to use the Super Eagles.

This isn’t entirely accurate because other European teams like Juventus and Roma didn’t give FIFA the rights to use their clubs.

But these clubs were made available with alternative names and logos.

While they may not have access to use the rights of the national side, that alone doesn’t prevent them from including the West African giants in the game.

Also, Portugal and Italy have withdrawn EA Sports rights to include them in the game but, they were still included without the official badge.

FIFA have been accused of favoritism in this year’s FIFA 21 edition, after also including South Africa’s PSL duo Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates in the game.

The last time Nigeria made an appearance on a FIFA game was FIFA 2008, and it’s not fair that EA Sports have omitted Nigeria in FIFA 21.

Look at the way that Nike are cherishing and reaping rewards from their relationship with the Super Eagles.

That partnership has sold more shirts and sportswears than any other national team in the world.

Nike and Nigeria is the most lucrative national team deal in the world.

Why can FIFA not see the value of including the Super Eagles in the latest edition of the franchise? And ensure that Nigerian gamers around the world can play with their heroes in the West African giants’ famous green.

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