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MBA Application Process and Requirements

To get accredited for the MBA program, you must go through a fairly rigorous application process. So what is the application process for the MBA program? What requirements do you need to meet to get certified? If you’re still in doubt, then we’re here to help you.

If business schools consider accepting you, they usually ask you to do the following:

MBA Application Process and Requirements

  • Undergraduate degree

You need an undergraduate degree. This does not necessarily require a major related to the MBA program . In fact, many schools aim to recruit students with a variety of academic backgrounds. Be prepared to provide a formal transcript as proof of your degree.

Some schools consider students without an undergraduate degree. Candidates without a degree need to prove their academic ability through other channels.

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These can include A-Level results and professional qualifications.

  • Work experience

A further requirement is important professional work. The MBA is seen as a tool for career development or change. Few schools are accepting students who have just completed their undergraduate degree.

In order to meet this requirement, you need to find at least one person who knows you well to provide a recommendation letter.

Recommendation letter should include your personality, work ethic, leadership potential, learning achievement, professional experience and career achievements.

  • Application Paper

Your MBA application may require you to complete up to three admissions application papers. The dissertation can be in the form of a personal statement or a business school asking you to respond to a specific statement.

These two styles of articles will provide schools with information on how your values ​​and goals guide your professional and academic life.

  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

MBA applicants must take the GMAT exam and submit scores during the application process.

GMAT is the United States an examination GMAC (Graduate Management Admissions Council) design, is often used as admission criteria postgraduate management courses Business School. It assesses a person’s analytical, writing, quantitative, and language skills. The exam consists of four parts:

Quantitative-This section evaluates the candidate’s ability to reason reasonably and solve quantitative problems.

Text-This section assesses a candidate ‘s ability to read and understand written material from fields such as social sciences , history , physical sciences, and business .

Comprehensive Reasoning-This section assesses a candidate’s ability to evaluate data in multiple formats from multiple sources.

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)-This section assesses a candidate’s ability to perform a written analysis of an argument, including comments on the argument.

Your GMAT score is between 200 and 800. It’s hard to say how many points you need to get for the MBA program, because it depends on which school you apply for.

The average GMAT score of the top business schools in the world is above 700.

  • Graduate Admission Test (GRE)

Most schools now accept Graduate Entrance Examination (GRE) scores instead of GMAT scores. Compared to GMAT’s emphasis on logic and reasoning, GRE pays more attention to definition and vocabulary.

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