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Low Tuition Universities in South Africa

Low Tuition Universities in South Africa

Many international students would love to study in Africa but face the challenge of the lowest tution university in Africa they would attend. This article at Impact Life Tech is here help you make a good choice of university with low tuition fees in South Africa. Let’s get down to it straight away to why you should you can strongly make a choice of studying in the big African Nation.

Why Study In South Africa?

South African universities has it’s place in world’s university rankings which shows the lot they bring to the table in terms of academics.

It’s universities are especially good for those who wants to study and get a degree in architecture, medcine, engineering and other social sciences.

Let’s take a look at the low tuition universitie sin South Africa.

Requirements to study in South Africa

For international students who want to study in South Africa, there are a few requirements and things you should get in place before you can study in the African country.

To study in South Africa, you need to get your valid students visa ready. If you haven’t, do that as soon as you can before it gets late. You also need to speak English language which is among their 11 offical languages. If you ain’t from an English speaking country, you’ve got to submit a language proficiency certification.

Lastly, you need to submit your matriculation exemption which you ought to be given after secondary education. For those that didn’t complete their secondary education in South Africa, you need to apply to get one for yourself.

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Low Tuition Universities in South Africa

  • University of Cape Town

UCT is a very sound african university and one that would be loved by most international students. Amongst other universities, it is rated as one of the best in Africa which tells a lot about it’s structure and academics.

It is open for students who want to engage in masters, undergraduate and PHD programmes. International students will need to pay residential fees of about $2089 and other living expenses.

Estimated Tuition Fees: $6716.

  • Rhodes University

This university is one of the low tuition universities in South Africa. There are 2 basic fees paid in this institution. The first one is the tuition fees and the second is the residence fees.

There are various faculties in Rhodes University for those who want to study here. To be precise, they have 6 faculties which includes: Education, Science, Humanities, Pharmacy, Commerce and Law.

Estimated Tuition Fees: $2174 to $3.775.

  • North-West University

For you to proceed with your studies in North-West university, you have to pay up your application fees. This costs about $11 which will get you started.

There are other fees to pay like the application placement fees ($37), then you sort out the residence fees depending on your choice.

Estimated Tuition Fees: $2313 to $3507.

  • University of Fort Hare

Not many universities made the cut required to be listed in the best universities in South Africa. University of Fort Hare is one of the few to make the cut. For a student who wants to study here, you’ve got to pay the application fee which costs $32 and the repatriation fee for $37.

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You need to pay the residential fee as well.

Estimated Tuition Fees: $1940 to $3358

  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Here in Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, the tuition fees vary from year to year. A student who pays $5000 can pay $6000 the next year.

This is how Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University operates depending on your course of study. Residential fees are required here too.

Estimated Tuition Fees: $224 to $3507.