Lip reading experts confirm Neymar was called a monkey by Álvaro González
(Photo by Mehdi Taamallah/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Lip reading experts have been introduced to find out what Álvaro González said to Neymar during their bitter 1-0 loss to Olympique Marseille.

Neymar was sent off for punching González in the head but shouldn’t have in hindsight.

PSG’s bitter 1-0 loss to Marseille on the 13th of September, 2020, will be remembered throughout history for the outbursts of wrath in stoppage time.

Lip reading experts confirm Neymar was called a monkey by Álvaro González
Neymar said he “acted like a fool” following his red card against Marseille but called on football officials to do more to combat discrimination after accusing Spanish defender Alvaro Gonzalez of racism. (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images)

A total of five players were sent off, including Layvin Kurzawa, Leandro Paredes and Neymar for PSG, with Jordan Amavi and Dario Benedetto for Marseille, all seeing red for their roles in the fight.

Neymar’s sending off seemed like the player was over reacting to the pressure of a poor performance which ended in a bad loss.

But reports suggesting Neymar had been racially abused by Álvaro González throughout the match quickly sprung up after Neymar revealed why he hit González.

Prior to Neymar’s sending off, he had accused the Marseille defender of racism but the referee did not believe him, and did not caution González.

Lip reading experts confirm Neymar was called a monkey by Álvaro González
(Photo by Valentin Antonini – OM/Olympique de Marseille via Getty Images)

The Neymar and González issue continued throughout the game and only ended when the referee showed Neymar red for striking him.

Paris Saint-Germain have vowed to take legal action against González if Neymar’s story of racial abuse was confirmed.

The club has involved three lip reading experts who confirmed that Neymar was called a ‘mono’, which when translated to Spanish means Monkey.

The three lip reading professionals were invited by a Brazilian media/news publishing company, Esporte Espectacular, to try to decipher what González really said.

The three of them were: Luis Felipe Ramos, who is part of the Rio de Janeiro Deaf Association, and Felipe Oliver and Mikel Vidal, translators who work for the National Institute of Deaf Education.

(Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images)

Via SPORTbible, Oliver said: “He speaks the word ‘mono’ in Spanish, the moment he even speaks and turns his mouth.”

The Brazilian publication confirmed they were unable to see the words which came out of Gonzalez’ mouth before ‘mono‘.

Neymar on his own part wasn’t entirely innocent, with Oliver also confirming he [Neymar] had also said some homophobic offensive words to González.

However, González could face up to 10 games on the the sidelines if he is eventually suspended for the racial comment.

PSG have also promised to do all they can to reduce Neymar’s three games sentence following his racial abuse.

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