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How to Win PhD Scholarships in Canada

How to Win PhD Scholarships in Canada

There are numerous reasons why students apply for PhD, and one of them is to improve and sharpen their skill and knowledge in a particular field of study.

We live in a dynamic world, and to be ahead, you need to get more knowledge and skill to serve as an advantage, and get you ready for any change.

As always, each scholarship has its own eligibility and selection requirements/criteria which every applicant must meet, else you will be denied the scholarship.

Why you should choose Canada for your PhD program

Amongst top countries in Europe and North America, which offer PhD programs, Canada seems to be the preferred choice for both domestic and international students. This is because Canada has worldwide recognition for its world-class education, and Canadian schools are cheap and readily affordable. Also, Canadian colleges and universities offer fully funded and partial scholarships to students with outstanding academic achievements. PhD scholarships in Canada are funded by the Canadian government, private or public organizations, Charity organizations, or philanthropists, who in most cases, are alumni of the school offering the scholarship.

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Scholarship is a coveted opportunity in Canada, therefore in this article, I will be revealing the best possible ways to easily secure a PhD scholarship in Canada.


Students fail to obtain a Canadian scholarship as a result of late application. Indeed, a lot of students fail to research scholarship opportunities in advance, for reasons best known to them. 

It is an obvious fact that students who are able to obtain scholarships started their application early enough. Therefore, if you intend to finance your PhD program through scholarships, then you have to plan, and apply, ahead of time.


Irrespective of the scholarship/country you are applying for, you ought to understand the basic requirements. Canadian scholarships have some distinctive requirements. Therefore, to stand a chance of winning the award, these requirements must be duly met. 

It’s irresponsible of you to apply to scholarships you’re not eligible for. It lowers your chances of obtaining the scholarship. Thoroughly read the eligibility requirements, and ask the award administrator questions where you seem confused.


In a bit to obtain much more appealing scholarships, most students seem to neglect the smaller awards. For instance, if there’s a scholarship opportunity to win $8,000 and $2,000 grant, a lot of students will apply for the $8,000 grant, and here lies the problem. 

In most cases, high-value awards are very competitive, hence, making your chance at winning very slim and unlikely. It’s advisable to apply to many small awards, and stand a chance of winning a few of them if you put in great effort.


Most applicants find it quite difficult to go through the terms and conditions during the scholarship application, and I don’t know why. 

In most cases, the terms and conditions give an insight to what the judges will look out for. You need to narrow your application to these particular items.

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Be careful not to enter any scholarship contests in Canada requesting for application fees. In most cases, they’re scams. You have to be very careful. 

Also, it’s advisable to sign up with free and reliable scholarship sites, like, which provides scholarship opportunities which you may be qualified for.

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