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How To Get Scholarships In Canada For Domestic And International Students

How To Get Scholarships In Canada For Domestic And International Students

Canada today is the third leading nation in terms of international student’s population they have and it is a nation of choice to all prospective international applicants. Because of the quality of education, they offer and their visitors friendly nature. Foreign students are more in the city of Ontario, thou they’re also seen in cities like British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba and Nova Scotia.  Despite Canada being a country of choice for international students the high cost of tuition fee, living sometimes scares many prospective applicants away and even discourage Canadian citizens from furthering their education. Which is why we decided to write an article on How to get scholarships in Canada for domestic and international students, to encourage their dreams of having a college degree. The processes of getting a scholarship in Canada are listed below accordingly.

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For International Students

Thou the government of Canada has provided various scholarship platform to aid prospective international applicants and students in their studies through the Global Affairs Canada (GAC). While many universities have their own scholarships for international students. Even thou many GAC programs requires the candidate sign an agreement never to return to his or her country of origin and you can’t apply for work under the postgraduate once your studies is complete.

The steps involved include getting a study permit which includes you having your letter of acceptance from the university you want to study in and a prove that you can sustain yourself, the following documents are required medical exam results, police clearance certificate and language tests, these documents will be provided and submitted at the Canadian embassy in your country. Your visa may be denied if you didn’t meet up the language requirement test.

Once you have been given a letter of introduction, which means your application has been accepted, you can start your travel arrangement, which may require you to process a Visa. Which can be single or multiple. Once every arrangement is ready you can now start applying for your scholarship by meeting the education unit of the Canadian embassy or applying through the institutions website.  Even thou some scholarships are so country specific, course specific etc.

For Domestic Students

According to the Canadian ministry of training, colleges and university domestic citizens are persons born under the Indian act, citizen of Canada within the meaning of the Citizenship Act, a dependent child spouse, someone who has been granted permanent resident status in Canada within the meaning of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act etc. They’re many scholarship offers available to domestic students of Canada thou most are awarded based on merit, while some are based on unique skills etc. They require a written essay about yourself, submission of academic details.

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 It is not easy to get a scholarship in Canada, because of how competitive it is and the number of applications. The article on How to get scholarships in Canada for domestic and international students is aimed to teach you   procedures required for you to apply for scholarship in Canada. For list of scholarships available in Canada follow the links…. on scholarship to study in Canada.