How to find scholarships in Canada

Winning a scholarship isn’t an impossible feat, in fact it is quite achievable. What really determines whether or not you will get a scholarship depends on how well you know how to look for them and also where exactly to find them. The best advice is to start the process early, conduct a lot of research on them, apply to many as you can and make sure to follow all the instructions that are provided.

According to experts, winning a scholarship can close the gap between college savings and educational expenses. Getting a scholarship is a sure fire way for students to drastically lower their costs of studying.

Here are 5 tips to help students in finding scholarships:

1. Look at the university and program that you’re planning to attend

For example, there are a lot of scholarships and bursaries that the university offers which you need to sign up for and there are some also within the program that you need to apply for. Not only that, there are also scholarships and bursaries within the program that you can get upon your getting acceptance letter. Basically, after you get accepted into the program, as an incentive for the program to get more students they’ll offer an entrance scholarship which entices you to go to that particular school.

Essentially, that’s something one can get automatically upon getting acceptance letter and there are scholarships that you should be looking into when you’re applying to that particular program or that university generally. Make sure to do some research before you get started. For instance, if you are planning on applying to the university of Toronto. U of T graduate studies has a whole series of external scholarships that you can apply for and also internal scholarships that you can get through the university.

2. professional associations

There are professional associations that offer scholarships and bursaries to students of a particular program. Say for instance, you are looking to study architecture, you would make sure to check out the RAIC the royal architectural institute of Canada for foundation scholarships and bursaries that are available for you as a student. There are some opportunities for funding at your local jurisdiction. For example, if you are in Ontario, there are professional associations there that offer funding and opportunities you can take advantage of.

3. Federal and provincial awards and scholarships

There is a quite a bit of a variety of opportunities here federally from the government of Canada and provincially. Depending on the province you plan on studying in, there are opportunities within each province that you can take advantage of for scholarship opportunities. The government of Canada has a list of scholarships you can apply to as a Canadian and as an international student.

4. Canadian scholarship search websites

There are a lot websites where you can easily find Canadian scholarships as an international student and these are really good starting points especially if you don’t know where to begin. it’s a good place to jump off on looking for funding opportunities. There are a few things we would love to point out- when you’re using these online search engines for scholarships, sometimes they’re not as accurate to what you want and some of them don’t really even ask for a lot of information while others ask for a lot of information to create a profile, but then the scholarship searches that they result for you don’t always match what you put in. Basically, some of them work better than others but again you’ll find scholarships on there and by all means use them to find some scholarships.

5. Google Searches

The caveat here is that you can’t just put into a google search bar-scholarships and expect to get things that apply to you specifically, you will literally get millions of responses to your search query. You have to dig down and get specifics to what you want. For example, if you are a female, you can search for scholarships specifically for females or if you’re in any particular minority group, go ahead and put that minority group in the search bar.

Also indicate any interests or specific abilities you possess. If you’re into sports, band or choir, you can indicate that or if you are in you’re interested in engineering, science or math of any of that attribute that’s specific to who you are, put that in the search bar and then hit the search results. You’re going to get a whole lot less results but each result or at least most of them will actually be applicable to you. Basically means you’re not wasting your time searching through countless endless scholarship opportunities that have nothing to do with you and you’ll never win them anyways because they’re too generic.

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