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How to find and apply for a part time job as an international student in Canada

Finding a part-time job as an international student in Canada could be scary, but this could either make or break your learning experience especially if you want to cover your expenses or maybe even pay your tuition fees from your part-time income. You need to really understand how to be successful as much as possible at this process and because we want your new chapter to be successful we will be telling you everything you need to know about how to find a part-time job in Canada and how to understand whether a job is a good fit for you, how to present yourself so that you get the job and how to understand international student limitations that you have.

We are going to list two ways to maximize your earning potential and make more money than everybody else. Before we start telling you where to find a job you want in Canada, you need to understand that there is one big vital factor to your ability in actually finding that job and that’s location. It’s understandable that you might be tempted by certain colleges that offer low tuition fees but we don’t recommend going to a small place as it might be really challenging for you to find employment.

Say you want to work in Canada a server just to make things simple and keep it easy for you to understand you, need to start searching from your home country. Look up the best restaurants in your city. Say you’re moving to Toronto, search for the top 10 restaurants in Toronto and then start checking the reviews to see if the restaurant is busy, if it’s busy a it means that the turnover is pretty high and this ultimately means you can get a job there pretty easily as the turnover of the restaurant industry is quite high and they always need employees. If the restaurant is busy it means they’re always hiring and that translates to the fact that you could potentially make a lot of tips because if the restaurant is quiet, then it’s quite hard to make good money.

The more customers you serve, the more money you make. That way, you could potentially make over $100 in just three hours working there. Say you’ve identified what employers are good and you know what job you want to get, it’s your time to shine and apply.

How do you actually do it?

You have the three options you have in terms of application. How you can go about it the first option is to apply online which is something you could do from your home country. Second option is to call them which is a verbal interest that you could express and the third option that we have is to apply in person. Another important tip is that you definitely need to dress the part. Don’t to just wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt as it’s good to make that good first impression.

How do you present yourself to get the job that you want?

The trick here is to be self-worthy or to realize your self-worth. Basically, don’t be arrogant but don’t beg for the job. Know your price, present yourself as a value driven individual. Show that you really care about the customer’s experience or the company’s values. Make sure to research that beforehand.

Limitations as an international student

The limitations on your study permit is very important because later you’ll get a postgraduate work permit. You’re allowed to work only 20 hours a week during studies and unlimited hours during scheduled breaks schedule. What breaks mean is your fall break at some schools, winter break, spring break and summer break. Even though you’re limited, there are things you could do to maximize your earning potential;

Starting a digital side hustle, basically a business. As an international student, you are allowed to start a business. You can register a business but if your income is under $30,000 a year, you don’t need to register. This is a great option as digital business is not regulated as of now so basically and it’s very low barrier for entry. Pretty much anyone can start and you can deliver value for what you charge and. The best part of it is that your time is regulated by you. You track your time, so there’s nothing to worry about. You can say within 20 hours you can do another job and then do go do a side hustle.

The other thing you could do is to invest. There are several opportunities for investment these days and they vary from cryptocurrencies to stocks. You just have to conduct a lot of research on which one to invest your money in. That way, you will have multiple streams of income and enjoy your study and stay in Canada.

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