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How to Concentrate on Studies

How to Concentrate on Studies

With the advancement in technology in this current era, study has become life itself, as everything we do in life depends on it. But one big problem students encounter is how to concentrate on studies, it’s very easy to lose in studies, but its focus to come back in track. which is not always easy. Many factors accounts to students losing interest in studies like lack of concentration on studies, distractions, poor study method, lady luck mentality of students, family issues etc. 

This article is written with intention of motivating you and to assist you in improving your study habit and get back on providing you with useful study tips. They’re as follows

  • Meditation

Studies requires full attention and concentration. Which is why it is necessary before you study to make it a habit of meditating for five minutes to get your mind relaxed and rejuvenated for studies.

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  • Study Goals

You can set a short term, middle term, or long term study goal’s. They should be simple, clear and achievable e.g. you can pick a textbook and set a goal of finishing it in two weeks. Setting goals helps you focus in studies well.

  • Place of study and reading table

The study room should be well illuminated, kept tidy and table orderly arranged. Make sure you remove every object of distraction like newspapers, magazines, mobile phone, radio etc. While studying avoid bad study posture. The study room should be conducive and quiet.

  • Prepare a study time table

This is one of the most difficult task to be executed but easy to be prepared. In your time table always include the period of rest and have a number of hours to study.

  • Understand and organize your study materials

It is good that you understand your courses and subject as taught by the teacher or in the textbook. It requires paying attention in class. And organizing your reading material to ease retention. Don’t forget an unsystematic revision with unorganized learning material results in waste of time and makes studies less productive.

  • Adopt the SQ3R technique of study

Survey- browse through the topics about to be read to have an overview of the topics about to be read.

Question: – it is expected of you to start building up or raising question about the topic about what the subject is all about.

Read: – concentrate and read through the book, read again and jot down silent points.

Recite: – recite the points you have written down as it helps in retention & remembrance.

Review: – before your next reading revise the points you have jotted down already.

  • Employ memory Aids

This involves use if mnemonics like the SQ3R. This helps students retain fast, avoid forgetting easily.

  • Health, Exercise, Relaxation & Diet

Many students get it wrong here as many depend on junk foods. Some persons forget to exercise. While some don’t have time to rest. Forgetting that fitness makes studies easy.

  • Have a study group, study past questions and avoid bad company

Study group helps retention, and don’t forget to contribute intelligently in group discussion, and remember to solve past questions. Avoid friends that discourage studies.

  • Discipline yourself and motivate yourself

High achievers are those who are disciplined mentally and are very motivated. So avoid procrastination

  • Understand that every course has relevance in the future

 No matter how boring the course may be, it always has a part to play in your career part. Like mathematics you can’t do without it.

A famous philosopher once said “Do you think history is boring? But when it comes to shaping our society it plays a very vital role. This subject plays a vital role in preparing students for the future.” Remember understanding the relevance of every course will help you value the course.

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 I believe that after having read this article. You may be worried at the steps involved or maybe you want to try the techniques written on how to get concentrated on studies, and don’t forget if you fail at any attempt don’t lose hope. Stand up and continue trying. You’re next try will be great. Good luck to you as we anticipate your academic improvement.

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