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How To Become A Nurse Practitioner Across The Globe

How To Become A Nurse Practitioner Across The Globe

Judging by the current situation of things, the service of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) is steadily increasing, and their impact cannot be underestimated.

  A Nurse Practitioner is not just a regular nurse; surprisingly, nearly all the duties of a medical doctor can as well be performed by a nurse practitioner, if such undergoes proper training.

  Unlike the RNs (Registered Nurses) who usually work under the supervision of a medical doctor, a Nurse Practitioner, in some countries, might not need to be supervised. This is what makes it superior to the Registered Nurse. 

   Well, if you have interest in becoming a Nurse Practitioner, this article is the perfect guide you need, as I’ll be giving you the requirements on how to become a Nurse Practitioner. 

What Is A Nurse Practitioner?

  A nurse practitioner is an higher practice registered nurse. It is classified under a type of mid-level practitioner.

  Nurse practitioners are professionally trained to address patient needs, diagnose diseases, order and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests, formulate and prescribe treatments and the likes. 

  Though this profession is yet to be well known in some countries especially the African countries. In the United States, it’s fully recognized and they are paid handsomely. 

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How Do I Become A Nurse Practitioner?

 Becoming a qualified nurse practitioner requires one to undergo certain processes.  If you want to become a Nurse Practitioner, you should:

  • Become A Registered Nurse(RN)

  To become a Nurse Practitioner, the number one thing to do is to first become a Registered Nurse. After that you can expand your scope by becoming a Nurse Practitioner. 

  And how do you become a Registered Nurse? You can become a Registered Nurse by earning a degree in Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN) or an Associate Degree in Nursing(AND) program.  

 But I’ll advice you go for BSN, as they are more recognized whilst seeking a job. This is because AND program are rather brief, usually two(2) years and BSN on the other hand goes deeper, takes about four(4) years. 

  Well, this doesn’t mean that the AND is of no value, not at all. In fact, in this program, nurses enjoy the chance to gain nursing experience and start working right away. 

  • Get A Bachelor’s Degree

 Here’s the second phase, it’s the part where you pursue a Bachelor’s degree. To be fully recognised as a Nurse Practitioner, you need to obtain a Bachelor’s in Nursing Science degree. 

  Nurses who have obtained an AND can easily enroll in RN-BSN programs. This programs are most times, completed online. Also, Nurses with AND can directly go an MSN. 

  •  Gain More Nursing Experience

   It’s an undisputable fact that experience is a really good teacher, that is why I am including this step. The third phase. 

  After obtaining either of these degree, the next thing to do is to gain as much experience as possible before enrolling for a graduate program. This step is usually overlooked by many aspiring Nurse Practitioners. Nurses who give themselves to gaining more knowledge before proceeding are more likely to have an edge over those who don’t. 

  Because you have gained more experience in the field, you will have a sense of confidence while dealing with any medical situation. This will no how, make you stand out. 

  • Go for a Graduate Program (MSN or DNP)

  To become a qualified Nurse Practitioner, earning a degree is one of the steps required; MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) or DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice). In view of this, you need to enroll in a reputable school where you can be formally trained. 

  Registered Nurses who wish to take a step further by becoming a Nurse Practitioner should also obtain either of MSN or DNP, as the bachelor’s might not be enough. 

  DNP program, which is offered by few schools is still the highest level of nursing education. This program digs dip into coursework which includes anatomy, pharmacology, and other nursing-specific studies.

  • Make Payments for your Graduate program

 Another thing to do before becoming a Nurse Practitioner is to ensure that you pay for your Graduate program. 

The fact that Nursing is among the most expensive courses, financing its graduate program might be a little challenging 

  International students should be financially stable before considering this graduate program. They might even be asked to pay almost twice as much the tuition of its local students. 

   Good thing there are many options to help lessen the burden of the cost, such as grants, scholarships, and student loans  which includes federal and private. 

  Well, if you’re already paying off existing student loans, you can also consider refinancing them to a lower interest rate to save money. 

  • Obtain a Licensure in Advanced Practical Nursing

   Since the recognition given to a Nurse Practitioner vary from a state to another, therefore, the requirements for this licensure also vary from among various states across the world. 

  And so, you should first make enquiries about how to become a Nurse Practitioner in the state where you wish to work. For now, disregard any information about a national model for NP licensure, as it still vary from state-to-state. 

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  • You’re Ready To Go, Start Working As A Nurse Practitioner

  After you have succeeded with the steps highlighted earlier in this article, I guarantee that you are good to go as you have been guided on how to become a Nurse Practitioner. So the next thing is to see yourself as a Nurse Practitioner and start working 

  You can seek employment at various places or organisations across your residential area where you can be sure to get a fine pay. Places where you can work are Hospitals, health care or medical facilities and nursing home. Some Nurse Practitioner also go into pursuing administrative or managerial positions.

Wrapping Up:

  In this article, I have been able to put you through the steps required to become a Nurse Practitioner, it’s up to you. 

  In conclusion, Nurse Practitioner requires individuals with a degree of intelligence, determination and finance, especially when you are studying abroad.