How To Apply To A Province In Canada Through PNP

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PNP is the Provincial Nominee program and it is run by the provincial government. Actually these are mini immigration programs that allow provinces to select immigrants who meet a specific need and then nominate them to become Canadian permanent residents. For example, if a province has a shortage of electrical engineers, they might prioritize bringing electrical engineers through their PNP.

However, all the final immigration decisions are made at the federal level not at the provincial level this is why it is called provincial nomination because the province nominates you so you can then apply to the federal government for your PR. Let’s explain how it works. For instance, we have the Express entry pool and they are scored from a total of 1200 points let’s say at the CRS draw.

If the cutoff score was minimum 450 points, all the people above 450 or some with 450 points will get invitation to apply for their PR and the left out people who had 450 or less can apply for PNP for different provinces and if they meet the eligibility criteria for any province they will receive an invite from that province and they will get additional 600 points which will increase your CSS score.

Now let’s have a look at the provinces which participate in PNP
Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories and all the provinces have their own criteria for the selection. 9 out of 10 participate in PNP except Quebec because Quebec has its own immigration program and from territories, Nunavut does not participate in PNP.

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Ways to apply for PNP

You can apply through Express entry stream or non Express entry stream. The second option is really good for those of you who don’t qualify for Express Entry. The good news is it covers all NOCs. so anyone can apply under this Non Express category can become a provincial nominee.

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Express entry stream

If you want to apply through this option, then you need to qualify for one of their immigration programs which are federal skilled worker, federal skilled trades and Canadian experience class. Also the work that you have done in the past must be skill type 0, A or B. f you qualify to apply for your PNP through Express entry stream then you will have two ways to apply

First option
You have is to get nominated by the province first and then create your express entry profile or you create your express entry profile and then get nominated by the province. If you want to get nominated first then you need to contact the province or territory and apply for the nomination under one of their Express and PNP streams on their website. When they agree to nominate you, you create Express entry profile and mention that you have been nominated by one of the provinces or territories and once you have filled out all the information, you must submit your profile and then you will receive your job validation code and profile number

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Second Option
In this case, you create your Express entry profile first and then you get nominated. So all you need to do is create your Express entry profile and then show the provinces or territories that you are interested in. We you select all provinces or territories while you create your profile. So after you submit your profile, you will get notification of interest from one of those provinces or territories.

You are to then you go to their website and apply under one of their Express entry streams for the PNP. If that province or territory agrees to nominate you then they will offer that nomination through your account and finally you accept it electronically.

Non Express

It is a paper process because once you have been nominated by any province, you submit a paper application for your PR to IRCC. Each participating province operate multiple PNP streams.

Most common PNP
1. Job offer PNPs: These require you to have a job or a letter from an employer in that province.

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2. Past work or study
This means that they require that you have previously worked or studied in any province of Canada

3. Occupation In-Demand
These are really popular with people outside of Canada because let’s say you have an experience in an in-demand occupation, you might qualifyfor immigration to that province through PNP even without a job offer.

4. Entrepreneurial PNPs
These are for business people who have experience in management and investment

These were some of the most common PNP streams. There are several PNP streams which are operated by different participating provinces. here I’m showing you some of

How to apply under Express entry and non Express entry stream
All you need to do is just go to their official website and follow the instructions on there. The website is the place where you can start your application either Express entry or non Express entry stream

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