Fully funded scholarships by university of Alberta

We’ll be taking a look at scholarships that are for students in high school, undergraduate degree and also international students who want to study at the University of Alberta.

the University of Alberta have a different structure for their scholarships, either you can apply for scholarships as an international student through one application or you’ll be automatically eligible for non application scholarships. They process their scholarship applications a bit differently but find the process is a lot easier. To apply to bursaries at the University of Alberta, you will need to meet these following requirements

1. exhaustion of available funds funding sources such as government student loans for domestic students, scholarships and awards and parental support. What that essentially means is that in order to be eligible for these bursaries, you have to exhaust all of your resources before you apply to these bursaries.

2. You have to have exceptional or extenuating circumstances causing financial shortfall. You have to have financial need in order to apply to this scholarship, they also note that if you’re a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you are required to access the maximum amount of government student loan funding available to you for the current academic year before you apply for a bursary .Exceptions on loan requirements may be made for students with documented Aboriginal identity.

They let you know to apply to Canadian student loans before you apply to this bursary which makes the process a little bit more difficult. However, the bursary itself is something that you don’t need to pay back. If you had to apply for a year loan and wanted to use the bursary instead of the loan, keep the money inside the loan account and you can use your bursaries towards school funding.

Requirement for eligibility for bursaries

High School students

1. For high school students, you must be entering your first year of an undergraduate degree directly from high school and you must be currently attending classes at the University of Alberta at the time of your application.

2. Full-time and part-time students are eligible to apply to be considered for a full-time bursary funding, a full-time enrollment in both fall and winter terms is required. All enrollments less than full-time in both fall and winter terms is considered part-time if you have

Undergraduate students

1. You must be in satisfactory academic standing or greater based on your most recent term grades

2. You must be currently attending classes at the University of Alberta at the time of your application. Same standards apply for full-time and part-time students.

The amounts of these bursaries for undergraduate students in their first year or graduate students in full-time courses, you will be eligible for $8,000 and for high school students and undergrad students in part-time classes, you’ll be eligible for $3,000.

Scholarships for high school students

We will not be going into specific details on which awards you can apply for because their system is set up differently, but you have the chance to apply for application scholarships and you have the opportunity to be eligible for scholarships that are automatically given to you based on your grades and specifically your University of Alberta application itself.

The committees will review your application and they will determine whether you are eligible for certain scholarships. You can treat your university application like a scholarship application if you have the high grades that they require or have the right volunteer and leadership involvement. You would really want to focus on that because you might be automatically entered in to win an entrance scholarship.

For the application scholarships, they have a single application that you need to fill out on their website in order to be eligible for multiple scholarships. Instead of filling out each application individually for certain scholarships, you only have to fill out one and you’ll be entered in all of those different types of scholarships.

Scholarships for international students

For international students, they do have a lot of options for scholarships on their websites. You can apply to undergraduate scholarships as well as country specific scholarships. We highly recommend going on their website to see what they offer for scholarships, to see what you’re eligible for. Go on their website to see scholarships that are available for country and you can go ahead and apply to those scholarships.

International Entrance Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship is for students who are coming out of high school into their undergraduate degree or already in their undergraduate degree and are transferrin to the University of Alberta. This scholarship is worth $5,000.

1. You have to be a well-rounded student with the admission averages of 80% and above studying on a study permit and will be assessed for scholarships to recognize your accomplishments through leadership qualities as demonstrated by involvement in extracurricular and community activities and academic standing.

2. Documentation required for admission must be submitted for scholarship consideration by the scholarship deadline. This includes transcripts showing all completed courses grades to date and proof of English language proficiency. You have to have applied to an undergraduate degree before you fill out these entrance scholarships, also you can check out the other requirements on their website.

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