Fully Funded Scholarships at the University of Montreal, Canada

We’re super excited to bring to your notice the University of Montreal, Canada fully funded scholarship programme for the 2022/2023 session. Application is currently invited from suitably qualified candidates for all degree levels and various disciplines in the school

Have you been on an endless search for a fully funded scholarship program in Canada? Then I’m so excited to share the good news with you.

The University of Montreal, Canada is here again with their fully funded scholarship program for students based on merits and financial needs.

About the School

The University of Montreal (Universite de Montreal) is a public research university established in the 1878 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It’s a French Language university with thirteen faculties and over sixty departments and two affiliated schools. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

It has around 12,000 academic and administrative staffs with over 70,000 students from all over the globe.

Acceptance Rate at the University of Montreal

I’m sure you would be contemplating on the acceptance rate of the university. Anyways, the main requirements for the scholarship program is getting an admission to study in the University

Number of Foreign Students in the University

The university has the 3rd largest number of international students in Canada with over 10,000 students from different part of the world.

Scholarships Program Awarded by the University

The university management reserved millions of dollars every academic year to serve as financial aids for their students. The program include entrance scholarships, merit scholarships (existing students), departmental scholarship, and need-based scholarships

Below are some of the benefits of the scholarship programs

  • Bachelor’s Degree Level Scholarship

This scholarship program is offered at three different levels, Level A, B, and C with each of the level having different financial coverage.

Level A – 11,998 CAD per year

Level B – 5,718 CAD per year

Level C – 2,000 CAD per year

  • Master’s Degree Level Scholarship

The amount of scholarship program at the Master’s level is applied to 45 credit hours amounting to 27,300 CAD per year

  • PhD Level Scholarship

The funding of the scholarship program is around 19,339 CAD per year.

Coverage of the Scholarship Plan

The scholarship program of the university covers the following;

  • Free semester tuition
  • Full residence support
  • Additional education fee
  • Experiment fee
  • Monthly stipend
  • Medical insurance

Who Can Apply for the Scholarship Program?

The scholarship program is open to both international and Canadian citizen students who are students of the university. It’s important to note that there are degree specific requirements that each applicants must meet before being eligible for any degree program and its corresponding scholarship.

Students who are beneficiary of another tuition fee program are exempted from applying for this scholarship program.

How to Apply

Starting your application for the program just got a lot more easier, get started right away

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