Fully funded Bachelor and Masters scholarships at McGill university, Canada

The McCall McBain scholarship at McGill university is for Canadian citizens, PR status holders or people who re on the path to having their Canadian PR status. This scholarship enables student to pursue a fully funded master’s or professional degree at McGill University. The scholarship will grow include international students, if you’re looking forward to applying for the scholarship in 2023 you can keep tab on it. The scholarship has created a community of innovators, leaders, academics, entrepreneurs and others with a lifelong commitment to working with others to make a real change. They’re looking for people with exceptional character, community engagement, leadership potential, entrepreneurial spirit, academic strength and intellectual curiosity.

This year you can apply for up to 24 scholarships that covers your tuition and monthly allowance and also 60 entries that are worth about $5 000-$10 000 each for your master’s or professional studies at McGill. To apply for this scholarship, you just need to go on their website, create an account and they send a pin to your email which you can use to log in.

There is no age requirement for the scholarship although you need to meet the GPA requirement of your desired program at McGill and for the people that are in the PR process can apply if they expect to receive their primary residence soon. It possible to combine this scholarship with other scholarships as you may accept up to $10,000 annually.
The regional interview comes up after the assessment of between 120 and 150 semi-finalists, you have to confirm also in your application that you would select which regional areas you would be available to attend. A blind interview is also possible for those that are outside the country,

If you’re applying for fall 2022, you can start applying right now. At McGill, the programs available include MA in Arts, MA in Architecture, business administration, masters in music management, public policy, urban planning etc. Second entry professional undergrad degrees like law, dentistry, medicine can also apply for the scholarship. You can explore their website to check all the programs available which are over 150 programs that are eligible for the scholarship. It’s a fully funded scholarship that comes with a living stipend of $2000 per month during your academic periods.

In order to make your application essay stand out, you have to focus on your personal growth, talk about yourself and how you have been able to contribute to your community, the activities you are actively involved in and your work experience. Your personal essay and short statement is very important in the evaluation of your application. You also need good reference letters as your recommendation letter is very important when you’re applying
for scholarships, make sure your recommendation later addresses your strength as a person in academia and someone that has leadership skills, interpersonal relationship as well communication skills. If you have language skills you can put that also in your essay.

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