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Famous Universities in Switzerland

In recent years, more and more students choose to study in Switzerland. The country is gradually becoming a popular study location for international students all over the world.

The education system in Switzerland is a very good one which tells why international students are interested in getting their academic degree in the country. In Switzerland, not only will students get a valuable degree; the’d also get to mix-up with people of different cultures and gather a lot of experience in the country.

So what are the famous universities and colleges in Switzerland? Let’s take a look at this with Impact Life Tech. Just relax and read.

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Famous Universities in Switzerland

  • Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

ETH Zurich is a public university in the German-speaking region of Switzerland. Founded in 1855, the university is a university with a history of more than 100 years. In the 2008 Shanghai Jiaotong University World University Academic Rankings, ETH Zurich ranks first in Switzerland, 5th in Europe, and 24th in the world; in the World University Rankings of the Times Higher Education Supplement 2006, ETH Zurich 6th in Europe and 24th in the world.

  • University of Geneva

The University of Geneva was founded in 1559 and was officially a university in 1873. There are about 22,000 students. The University of Geneva is the second largest university in Switzerland. It is divided into 7 departments: Department of Literature, Medicine, Law, Social and Economics (including Higher Business School), Science, Catholic Theology, Psychology and Education Department.

  • Federal University of Technology, Lausanne

Established in 1853, the Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology has graduated many engineers, architects and researchers who have provided much help for the development of Switzerland. In the eyes of the Swiss, ETH Lausanne and ETH Zurich have always been proud of them.

  • University of Zurich

The University of Zurich is the largest comprehensive university in Switzerland. The University of Zurich enjoys world reputation in the fields of molecular biology, neuroscience, anthropology, etc., and has produced 12 Nobel Prize winners such as Einstein. The University of Zurich is the largest comprehensive university in Switzerland.

  • University of Basel

The oldest university in Switzerland, the University of Basel, was founded in 1460.

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It is a comprehensive university with comprehensive specialties, especially in teaching in the fields of culture and life research. Among them, the Department of Biochemistry has taken the lead in the world.

Tadeus Reichstein, a chemist who taught at the University of Basel, discovered vitamin C in 1933 and won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1950. In 1978, microbiologist WernerArber received the same honor.

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