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Famous Universities in New Zealand

Overview: New Zealand is a Pacific island country with a population of about 5 million.

Although New Zealand has a history of colonialism, its unique culture is also strongly influenced by the indigenous Maori on the island. The most obvious manifestation of this connection is the performance of the traditional “Haka” war dance at the beginning of a New Zealand rugby match.

New Zealand is also a member of the Commonwealth, and its long-standing relationship with the United Kingdom is evidenced by English as the country’s first language and the standard language of universities.

For centuries, New Zealand’s mild climate has allowed its agricultural sector to flourish, and in fact New Zealand has six times as many sheep as the country’s population. New Zealand also has some major cities, including Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

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Famous faces from New Zealand include pop singer Lord and actor Carl Urban. New Zealand is known for the filming of the Lord of the Rings film and is also the main filming location for the New Zealand comedy duo Conchords Flight.

Famous Universities in New Zealand

  • Tied first place: University of Auckland

Founded in 1883, the University of Auckland is located on various campuses. It is not only the largest university in New Zealand, but also one of the most prestigious universities in New Zealand. There are three Kiwis on the Auckland badge, a flightless bird and New Zealand’s national animal.

Auckland is an international university with an international airport and more than a quarter of its students come from outside New Zealand.

From 2016, Auckland requires students to have a certain level of English language ability before completing an undergraduate course.

In Auckland, Dr. Siouxsie Wiles’ team discovered a unique way to fight antibiotic resistance.

They are extracted from a firefly body of these genes, microorganisms and put them to identify them died during light-off time .

HSBC Chairman Zheng Weixin is an alumnus of the University of Auckland. Helen Clark, the 37th Prime Minister of New Zealand, and Oscar’s best screenwriter Philippa Boyens are also alumni of the University of Auckland.

  • Tied first: University of Otago

The University of Otago’s extensive campus and luxurious architecture influenced by the Scottish style make it worthy of being one of the most beautiful campuses on the planet.

Otago University was founded in 1869 and is located on the southeast coast of the South Island. It is the oldest university in New Zealand.

The University of Otago has fostered a research-led atmosphere, known for excellence in the health sciences, and offers undergraduate and doctoral programs in the field. Outside the University of Dunedin, Otago has health science institutes in Christchurch and Wellington.

We welcome international students and have established exchange and cooperation relationships with more than 90 universities around the world. Since 1904, the number of Otago also a selection of New Zealand graduate student awarded Rhodes scholarships .

The social nature of Otago students is reflected in annual celebrations, such as the Undie 500 car rally and Toga Parade, although past behavioral concerns have led to recent events More gentle.

Medical researcher Muriel Bell, mountaineer Kristen Jensen Burke and astrophysicist Mazlan Ottoman all graduated from the University of Otago.

  • Tied for third place: Auckland University of Technology

Auckland University of Technology was founded on January 1, 2000, and was formerly a technical college. The university has three campuses, of which the city campus is the largest campus in central Auckland. The other two South and North campuses can be reached by shuttle bus.

Auckland University of Technology’s Student Association publishes a student magazine called The Debate every two weeks.

It was written by a full-time editor and a group of student contributors. It features news , opinions, comics, feature articles, and columns.

The Student Union also supports more than 40 affiliated clubs, organizing concerts, comedy shows, DJs, parties, festivals and other events.

  • Tied for third place: University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury is located in the centre of Christchurch. In 2011, after the city was severely affected by the earthquake, the government launched a special reconstruction program to minimize losses when such incidents occur again.

The university has established an international college since 2013 to help students adjust to their studies in New Zealand .

The college also offers a certificate in basic learning, teaching English and academic proficiency. The university established its first art academy in New Zealand and continues to thrive today. The four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is highly competitive, and the school offers facilities such as on-campus galleries and workshops.

Past graduates of the University of Canterbury include 2013 Booker winner Eleanor Catton, Olympic rowing champion Nathan Cohen, and the most famous alumnus is Ernest Luther Blessing (Ernest Rutherford).

Rutherford designed traditional atomic models and was considered the founder of nuclear physics.

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