Cheapest Schools to Study Nursing in Canada

Are you interested in studying Nursing in Canada and have always what the fee might be? Interested in knowing the cheapest universities in Canada where you can study Nursing today? We run deep research and have compiled five of the best institutions to study Nursing in Canada

Canada is one of the best countries of the world to get the best Nursing knowledge. However, I have come to notice a lot of people have decided to pursue another career or better still choose another country due to the believe or the fear that the cost of Nursing school is highly expensive

This prompt us to perform a deep research and we come to realize that although a lot of Nursing school in Canada fees are quite expensive but then we were able to gather some cheap institutions who are providing exceptional knowledge to their students.

Before we proceed further to the list of institutions, we would like you to understand some things. First and foremost, It’s important to note that the fees mentioned here are only estimated with possibilities of additional costs and fees may change at any time which is why we advise confirming the fees with the institutions before going ahead.

Let’s get started

1.            Brandon University

                Location: Canada

                Tuition Fees: $3700 per year


                Brandon University is a public university established in the year 1890 in Brandon, Manitoba as Brandon College.

                This is the cheapest university to study Nursing in Canada. Although, the university class sizes are small but it gives the students the opportunity of getting to know each other better and have a better grasp of the subject.

                The university’s Nursing programme offers a lots of exciting and unique clinical opportunities at different hospitals and clinics for their students.

2.            Mount Royal University

Location: Canada

                Tuition Fees: $6500 per year


Mount Royal University is a public research university in Calgary, Canada. The university provide its students with first hand learning of nursing. After which the student can start applying their theoretical knowledge to the community.

During the course of study, students will be taught various skills and knowledge that would aid to overcome every challenges they might come across in the course of contributing their expertise to the community.

3.            University of Regina

Location: Canada

                Tuition Fees: $9,000 per year


                This is another affordable university in Canada where you can study Nursing. One of the features that makes the university distinctive is the fact that you’re able to choose between four different cities to study as it has campuses in each city.

                The university’s Nursing program is practical focused. You’ll be able to learn and understand the required technical skills, analytical skills as well as the knowledge required to succeed in your chosen path.

4.            University of Ottawa

Location: Canada

                Tuition Fees: $11,000 per year


University of Ottawa is a public research university in Ottawa. It’s another university in the country that offers affordable nursing program. During the course of the study, students are able to gain the required knowledge and skills to succeed as a registered nurse.

After successful completion of the program from the university, you’re ready able to work in every sector where nursing care is required.

5.            University of Manitoba

Location: Canada

                Tuition Fees: $14,000 per year


                University of Manitoba is another public research university in Winnipeg, Canada. It’s another affordable university to study Nursing Care in the country. Although, the fee might be at the high side but it’s well worth the money. The university provides the student with the required technical skills and knowledge as well as other clinical and analytical skills required to succeed as a Registered Nurse.

We hope with our comprehensive list of affordable universities in Canada, you can be able to choose a school to study your dream career. You have our best wishes

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