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Can I Get PR While Studying In Canada?

There are questions that have been asked over time that look like this; Can I get PR while studying in Canada? How can I apply to become a permanent resident in Canada as an international student? Contained in this article are requirements and pathways for international students to get Canadian Permit Residency.

Getting PR While Studying In Canada

Many international students already studying in Canada choose to become residents because Canada is a very wonderful place to live in, study, and steadily work. This is because of its very large infrastructure facilities, a very comfortable lifestyle, endless job opportunities, cultural diversity, and a high standard of living to mention a few.

However, because of the various means through which you can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency, you cannot apply for your PR as an undergraduate. After obtaining your degree, you can now apply for the work permit under the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWPP). But you need to acquire the work permit first to stay in Canada.

Graduates from Canadian Post-Secondary Institutions get practical Canadian Work Experience through the PGWPP program. After acquiring a substantial amount of Canadian skilled work experience through the PGWPP program, your requirements would be met for the PR in Canada with the help of the Canadian Experience Class visa category.

Also put into consideration that:

  1. The PGWPP program work permit covers only a maximum of (3) years of study.
  2. You need to meet the desired criteria asides the put post-graduate work allows (visit the CIC website for detailed information).
  3. A work permit through PGWPP can’t be possible for greater than the applicant’s program, and this system needs to be as a minimum of eight months of period.

Canadian Experience Class Category for PR in Canada

At the moment, an international graduate from a Canadian Institution has more possibilities of having the necessary qualities of residing permanently in Canada than a temporary student. This is because the number of years such student must have spent in Canada should be enough for the student to get more accustomed to the way of life, society, and can positively contribute to the Canadian economy. Additionally, he or she must be fluent in English or French Languages and have reasonably qualified working experience.

Basic Eligible Criteria for Canadian Experience Class

To be eligible for the Canadian Experience Class, the following are needed:

  1. Getting experience in Canada with the right authorization.
  2. Stay outside the Quebec province.
  3. Being able to meet the required proficiency language level for every language on your job profile. This also includes reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
  4. At least one-year working experience in Canada, whether part-time or full-time, within the 3 years before the start of your application.

Acquiring Detailed Information Regarding Study Permit PR for Canada

Before applying for a visa under any category of your choice, there are different other areas and internal things that need understanding apart from the general guidelines and instructions already stated above.

The Visa Consultancy Service or agent has also been made available to rapidly follow up challenging procedures and visa categories in case of any situation of a missing or incomplete application document that may lead to the rejection of such application.

I’m sure you have gotten answers to your questions right? Can I get PR while studying in Canada? Well, it depends. if you have any further questions, send us a mail using the contact page.

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