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Best Community Colleges In Indiana

Best Community Colleges In Indiana

The roles of colleges cannot be overemphasized. As a young academia, hoping to earn more in the United states, it is pertinent that you acquire a college degree. In this piece, we have carefully ranked the best five colleges in Indiana. Considerations are placed on the prospects of getting a job and the amount of pay after graduating from these Indiana colleges. They are:

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Ivy Tech Community College is present in over 40 locations across Indiana, making it the second largest postsecondary institution in the state. Every year, its roll call accounts for over 200,000 students. The institution was founded in 1963 to provide technical and vocational education for individuals and organizations. As of today, it offers over 150 courses including business, logistics, supply chain, public affairs, information technology, arts, sciences, education and health sciences More interestingly, its average tuition is just over $5,000.   


Everett places a high priority on innovation. In the process, preparing an individual for life’s realities. It offers over 22 different, career-focused programs with a peculiar mode of operation. Each program’s curriculum is fine tuned to the best of standards aided by the latest available technology. Its annual tuition is around $16,000. Certainly, if you seek a highbrow community college in Indiana, J. Everett is a wonderful pick.  


The Tucker Career and College Center provides a wide array of opportunities to students. Students may attend their program either as part time or full time. The school offers programs which include: digital imaging, photography, sports, entertainment broadcasting, health science, culinary arts, automotive technology and welding engineering. Its tuition comes at a cool price of $9,000 making it one of the best picks on this list. 


Lincoln tech, Indiana is a part of a group of colleges located in many other states/cities in the U.S including Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Tennessee. The college offers training in five distinct programs, namely; Automotive, Health Sciences, Skilled Trades, Hospitality Services, and Business. Lincoln College of technology flexes the most expensive tuition of all the community colleges on this list. Its annual tuition is pegged at a staggering $20,000. Not to worry, the cost is worth every bit of service rendered. 


Its name is a portmanteau derived from its two majors: medicine and technology. Located in Greenwood, Indiana, MedTech College is a small private college. Its downside is the fact that it does not accept part time students. This policy though, could be justified based on the nature of its programs. It also has the median priced tuition on this list with about $14,000 per year. 


Ancilla College was founded in the year 1937 and is located near Plymouth, Indiana. It offers over twenty-four degree programs in all, helping students build themselves both academically and skillfully. It is a popular choice for Indiana residents and also the cheapest college on this list. 


With an annual tuition of around $12,000, brown Mackie college is budget friendly. It is a private college with programs split into bachelor’s degrees, certificates and associate’s degrees. Fields of study includes early childhood education, information technology, legal studies and health sciences. 


Holy cross college is a private institution, controlled by the catholic church. It was founded in 1966 and ever since then, it has continued to churn out graduates molded by its two pillars of spirituality and discipline. It poses an extremely high yearly tuition of $27,000. 


Purdue University is one of the oldest institutions in the state, dating way back to 1869. It is a public research institution charging about $18,000 per annum. It is a member of the Association of American universities and has 13 novel prizes under its belt.


This institution has a peculiarity of containing housing for students. It majors in medical assisting programs, dental assisting programs and veterinary programs, awarding diploma and associate degrees in the process. Its annual uition is about $14,000.

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If you were having a tough time picking a suitable community college in Indiana, this list has probably sorted it out. Your budget and chosen career path should be the major criteria for making a pick.