6 ways to save time and money as international students in Canada

As an international student in Canada, it could get very busy and hectic as you are trying to juggle a lot, and not just that, but being an international student is way more expensive that being a domestic student. You would have to spend on rent, a more expensive tuition compared to domestic students and a lot of other things. Which is why it is imperative to find ways to adequately and consistently save money and time. That is why we have compiled a list on ways to save money and time as an international student in Canada.

Here are our top 6 in no particular order:

1. Unidays

This platform would help you save me a ton of money. It is a free platform that connects students with discounts and brands like Nike, Ray-ban Dell and many others. You basically go on the platform and you check what those brands have for you in terms of discounts and then you buy their products for cheaper. This has helped me a lot of students save lots of money. You basically create a free account and you get access to different discounts and different brands.

2. Student Amazon Prime

We are pretty sure everybody knows Amazon, the biggest online store in the world but basically it’s a marketplace for other stores where you can buy stuff for much cheaper as compared to physical retail stores and Amazon has this cool feature that’s called Amazon prime. it’s basically a two-day delivery to your door. The regular subscription for Amazon prime is $10 a month, but as a student you get six months for free and after that free trial, it’s only $4 a month and you get unlimited deliveries to your door for any product you want in just two days On top of that, you get access to Amazon prime video as well as Twitch prime.

3. Unemployed Professors

When you get to Canada, there’s so much to take care of. There’s your part-time job studies you need to take care of, the permanent residency if you want to stay in Canada and sometimes the amount of homework that you get makes it nearly impossible to pursue all these other really important ventures. For all these problems, there’s a solution called

Basically, it’s a platform that allows you to outsource your assignments, anything from research papers to even thesis to professors who are willing to do your homework for you that specialize in different areas. These are academic professionals from North America, Europe, Australia that will complete your homework for you for a small monetary compensation.

Once you go on their website, just upload your assignment and professors will start out bidding each other to take your homework and work on it. This makes the process very cheap and the best thing is that all the professors have been carefully assessed and all of them are native English speakers. They all have either a master’s or a PhD. In 90% of the cases it’s PhD holders that will work on your assignment to make sure that you get the best possible grade.

4. Rate my professors

This platform is probably more suited for those who are checking out different schools and trying to figure out which one to choose as you can actually stalk any professor and see what other students say about them. The best thing is that you can also start working through the platform to check out what those professors are like and see what other people say about them so that you can have a better approach to that specific professor.

5. Your student ID

This card that you is really powerful as it gives you discounts at different gyms, bars and even Apple stores. If you want to get a new MacBook or an iPad, just scroll down on their website and click on shop for university and you can get discounts around $300 on the new device if you just bring in your student ID

6. Costco

If you really want to save on groceries but you don’t want to compromise on good quality food, this store is exactly for you and especially if you’re a Muslim and you want to get halal meat. Costco offers a lot of halal food unlike other stores or in Canada. The way Costco works is it’s a big wholesale store where you get stuff in big quantities. To shop there, you need to get a membership.

Their annual membership starts at $60 a year or about $5 a month but you can split it with other people and just share it when you go to Costco. If you shop at Costco, not only do you save money because you buy stuff in bulk which is cheaper but you also save time because instead of going shopping every week or every second week, you just go there once a month, buy $200 worth of groceries and you’re set for the entire month.

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