3 Ways to Move to Canada: Real Immigration Strategy

In 2020, Canada had an immigration goal of 341,000 permanent residents but then they announced the goal of 411, 000 new permanent residents in 2022 which is a 20% increase. What’s happening right now is historic. To become a permanent resident in Canada, you need to gain a certain number of points and express entry .Express entry is an immigrant management tool which is basically a vending machine for immigration when you want to get a chocolate bar out of a vending machine, you need to drop a certain amount of coins.

Whatever amount you put into it is the same amount of chocolates you get out of it. The same works with the express entry system where the main chocolate bars or immigration programs are Canadian experience class federal skilled workers and provincial nominee programs. All these give you certain points based on your age, the younger the better. For education, the higher the better. For experience, the more the better.

Three major ways to move to Canada

1. Professional immigration

This is when you move to Canada directly through the federal skilled worker program. This is probably the fastest and a way of immigration that doesn’t limit you to any specific place.

2. Student immigration

This is when you move to study to Canada and then you get work experience in Canada to immigrate through the Canadian experience. So far in 2021, the dominant majority of permanent residency cards were given to CEC. For the student immigration pathway, choose the school you want to attend, get the student visa, finish the program, work for one year and get the PR.

3. Provincial nominee programs

Basically, there are provinces in Canada that have low population and they try to attract immigrants so they create their own chocolate bars within that vending machine of immigration and give out PRs to immigrants who are willing to settle in those provinces. Typically, the requirement for the money you have and the experience is pretty low so you can immigrate pretty easily through this pathway. For example, for Manitoba’s PNP, you don’t need any work experience, you don’t need any high skilled background and you don’t need any money, as they pretty much they just want you there.

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