3 Ways to Get PR in Quebec, Canada

First option

Quebec experience program graduate stream for which you need to have a college diploma or university degree in Quebec and you need to have 12 months of experience under category 0, a or b and if you’re category c you need 18 months of experience. Something for you to remember if in Quebec and your job is under 0, a or b, it does not have to be related to your field of studies but if it’s c another story and you need to have a job offer, a permanent one from a Quebec employer. Your French exam level has to be a level B.

Second option

Regular skilled worker program
Imagine there is a grid that gives you points for your age language and work experience. Based on the total score you get you are eligible to become a Canadian PR. Well this is exactly how Quebec’s regular skilled worker program works. You need to have minimum five years of work experience under N/0/A/B/C, if you’re in category D, you would need a Quebec job offer. The better your French, the more points you get. Here, French is more important than English so your English score doesn’t really affect you but French is something you need to know and speak because it boosts your score really high and you need 50+points to pass through this program or 59 if you’re a couple

Third option

Quebec self-employed worker program. This option is quite interesting to you as you go to Quebec to be self-employed and work in your professional trade and you need to invest at least $50,000 in it if you’re coming into the Montreal area. If it’s outside of the Montreal area, you invest $25,000 but your net worth in assets has to be $100,000. You also need at least two years of self-employment experience.

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