3 Steps to Get Full Funding for PhD in Canada

A PhD can have a life changing impact. Whether for life development, personal reasons, career development, getting a PhD sure is very exciting. Besides all that, it is also very challenging. With all the challenges that come with getting a PhD degree, funding your studies shouldn’t be part of that. Taking a part time job as an international student in Canada would really be helpful to fund your lifestyle and your cost of living. Here are the steps to follow go get funding as a PhD student.

Step one

Make sure that you have the good research profile and you have a good CGPA and a good IELTS/TOEFL score. For example, if you want to get the full funded PhD scholarship in Canada, make sure that you have two or three international publications where you have published your work in international journals and international conferences. It’s great if you have the CGPA greater than or higher than 3.5. The higher your CGPA, the higher your chances of getting a fully funded PhD scholarship in Canada.

Step two

Making the list of the universities in which you want to get admission into and finding the suitable supervisor for you. Getting a supervisor could really help you with getting funding in Canada. You just need to get supervisor that
would say yes to you. Therefore, you need to email several supervisors in order to increase your chances of getting one that would agree to being your supervisor. In order to get a supervisor, you would have to search the faculty of intended study. Go through the faculty and find a supervisor based on their research interest and background. If both research interest and background are the same, emailed them and schedule a meeting with them.

During the interview, you would be talking about your master’s thesis, your research background and your research interest. Make sure to tell them how you think you’ll be a good PhD student, how you think both of can work together and achieve something great. Then talk about your idea, like you would have explained earlier, your research is still just an idea that you’ve not actually developed yet, but you are willing to develop.

Step three

Apply: You have to follow the university procedure of getting your PhD admission and once the supervisor agrees to supervise you in your PhD program, it increases the chances of getting a scholarship and funding. You have to follow the admission procedure of your university. You have to apply online so that they evaluate your application and then they give you the final decision. While applying you will be asked to send in the details of the professor you would like to work with the information of the professor you’d like to work with.

Then once the admission committee or the admission office gets your application they will send your application documents to the professor the professor. The professor will go through the application and if they have funding to their name, they will write to the university stating that you are their student and how much funding you would be given annually.

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