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10 Best Part-Time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Getting a job while studying in Canada as an international student is really important. In order to survive and enjoy your time and learning experience, it is important to earn some type of income regularly. Living expenses differ from cities to cities, that’s why it is important to get a good paying job that can adequately cater to all your needs from rent to your daily living costs. A lot of international students have no idea on where to start with searching for good paying jobs, that’s why we have made a list of 10 good part time jobs in Canada.

1. Amazon

Pay is $17 an hour, sometimes more. Some people make more and actually you can work as either customer support or at the warehouse if you’re more introverted. This probably is something that would work for almost anyone as you don’t really do much and there is no supervision. You’re really kind of self-reliant, the pay is good and there’s a lot of overtime which ultimately means you can make really good money.
Though remember as an international student, you’re only allowed to work to 20 hours a week during studies and unlimited time during scheduled breaks.
If you’re interested in working for Amazon, a lot of people are as well so you need to learn how to stand out.

2. Tesla

Pay is $17 an hour and yes Tesla the biggest car manufacturer by market cap and you can work there as a student. Here’s how you can apply on there. Go to Tesla careers, filter the jobs by Canada and by part-time. They have a lot of customer service types of jobs that you can apply to and start working at this huge corporation.

3. Bank jobs

Pay is 17 an hour or more and there are banks like TD, RBC, CIBC and other banks that will hire you as their customer support representative either for online call centers or you can even work at the branch physically.

4. Apple

Pay is $19 an hour. This is especially cool if you love Apple and you want that new iphone at a discounted price. Working Apple will give you that opportunity. How do you work at the biggest company in the world?. Simply go on Google and type in Apple careers, set location to Canada and filter student jobs.

As mentioned earlier, to work at Apple or Amazon, you definitely need to stand out among other candidates because everybody’s going to apply there also. So how do you do that?. You simply need to find one specific person to contact at the company after you have submitted your resume and indicate your interest in working at their company.

5. Continuing care assistant or CCA

Pay is $18 an hour. This job is not the easiest as it’s basically working with older people at nursing homes. But if you enjoy them their company and you want to help them live their lives, you could apply. Although, you might find a companion and it’s not for everybody.

6. Uber

Pay is $21 an hour or more. This is even more enjoyable if you enjoy driving and if you have a car. You can buy one for relatively cheap and if you want to work for yourself wherever and whenever you want, then Uber is probably the option for you. Though there are of couple things to know. First of all, it’s only available in big cities like Halifax, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal. Also, your car must be 20 years or newer. You need to have at least a year of driving experience. This might not be for everybody as there are even more requirements.

7. Uber Eats

Pay is $16 an hour. This is a great alternative to Uber because you simply are delivering food from restaurants to people’s houses and you can even use your bike for the deliveries. It does not have too many requirements unlike driving for Uber.

8. Instacart

Pay is $15.50 an hour. There are simply people who are lazy, people who are busy and then there are those who can’t go grocery shopping, you simply help them out by grocery shopping for them. You deliver groceries from the store to their house and you choose who to work with and when to work.

9. Real Estate photography

This job pays about $100 per hour. If you have a camera or photography skills, you could reach out to local real estate agents and offer to do a couple photo shoots for free. You need to do the free work in order to build your portfolio and with that portfolio you go to other real estate agents and start charging them $100 per shot and it doesn’t take you more than one hour to do it. If you charge $100 per photo shoot, and this is considered quite low.

You will definitely find employment especially if you’re in a bigger city like Toronto and that’s why we recommend going to a bigger city and not a small one. Even though the school might be cheaper, there wouldn’t be a lot of employment opportunities. Say you had five photo shoots a week which is really doable that’s just like 10 hours of work, plus editing. And you’re paid $2000 a month. That’s much better than working at Walmart on McDonald’s and if you want to upscale and you want to make even more money, you can get a drone and then start charging for drone filming a real estate property. That costs even more as it’s about $300-$700 per one minute video.

10. YouTube

Being a youtuber can really open up a lot of opportunities, the sky is the limit. Here, you can sell your products, you can accept brand integrations, you can do sponsorships, you can become an affiliate to a brand or product. There are so many different avenues to make money and to meet great people.

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